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  1. Well, I did it....ordered my Lenni.Can't wait to get it but better start making space in its new home. Oh dear, where to stash the fabrics now? Happy day!
  2. Is the quilting depth on Lenni adequate for most pan. patterns? Can I put a Hartley Fence on the Lenni? Thanks everyone for helping me with my decision,getting close.Greatly appreciate all the info from this forum.
  3. Well...this is a resounding yes. Thanks everyone! I am now one step closer to knowing which machine to order. Would I save a lot of $ by waiting to order at Int'l Quilt Festival or are the prices kept the same as the usual sale price?
  4. Can anyone tell me if the power fabric advance on the mille is a blessing or not such a big time saver or necessity. Thanks
  5. Just wanted to say hello from Texas and send a big thank you for all the great information that passes through the forums.At first was overwhelmed and thought "no way can I do this" but there is such great support and encouragement here, I have decided to give it a go.Will be doing mostly baby quilts and charities but want to start art quilts,personal work only. Trying to decide on which machine and leaning towards the Lenni and then what appears....Lucy?Any news on this machine? Are there no more problems with the Lenni table? Looking forward to quilting on my own machine soon.