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  1. Thanks for letting me know! You did a good job soldering since it' s been six or seven years!
  2. Nigel, how did you fix your broken wire to your encoder box?
  3. I am interested in pantographs. Do you have any that I could use with a Lenni? Do have the antique Lace in a pantograph?
  4. I was having almost the same problem with my Lenni. I tried everything I could think of that was recommended on the site, then I did the wd 40 bath as recommended in the manual and there was a small piece of fabric/ thread that came out that I could not see. I also bought a new bobbin case and it came with the new spring. I think the thread /fabric was what was causing the problem but the bobbin case could have been out of round or the spring could have been worn out. I didn't have any tension issues while quilting since then. Good luck and let us know what took care of your tension issues.
  5. If anyone is interested there are some giant circle lord boards for sale on facebook. She also has the frame and stylus. Very nice setup and very reasonable. The site is Quilters Virtual Yard Sale. If you are interested you can contact her at for pictures and prices. She has upgraded to a computer. Happy Quilting, Homa
  6. I would put a label on that would be something like this. Designed and made with love by your daughter and you for the baby. Then if you know the weight, height , date, time of birth etc. you could add it to the label. I have made several labels with all the information on them and as the baby grows they have it on their favorite quilt. I put who made it last on the label. Hopes this helps.
  7. Welcome. I know you will love your APQS machine. I do. I have a Lenni. I too was at the roadshow in November. Happy Quilting. Lahoma
  8. I don't know where you are in southern Indiana, but there is Ultimate ll on Craigslist, Louisville list for $2500. Good price.
  9. Your quilt is breath taking. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank-you for sharing your work of art with us.. Homa in Ky
  10. Your quilt and your quilting is wonderful. I just started quilting with my Lennie in November. I can only dream feathers and enjoy yours and others. Thanks for sharing, Homa
  11. Thanks to all for sharing your expertise. I guess Hartley is just the name of the base expander and the other parts for the APQS machines. What is a Hartley Fence? I saw in the catalog there is a big difference in price for the two of them. Thanks again, Homa in Ky
  12. I would like to Sid and do ruler work with my new to me Lennie I wonder what the difference between the base expander and the Hartley base and then there's the Donita base ? Does a base for a Millie fit a Lennie or do have to buy one made just for the Lennie? Help Please! Homa in Ky.