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  1. This goes on beautifully but it doesn't wash out. I tried several removal methods. I was very disappointed - had to over-dye the fabric to get the pencil lines to show less. Nampa, ID
  2. A few days ago, the APQS Daily News had an article called "Better Binding". I found good information there, but want to question this point: "The stitches should be less than 1/16th of an inch apart (or even closer) for positive judging comments." Less than 1/16th of an inch? This has got to be a mis-print! That is SO FAR from a fingernail distance apart, which was said to be what the judges were looking for. Please respond to this from the perspective of having various judges comments' on the quilts you've entered in shows or other statements about show requirements. I hope this is a typo. Teri in ID
  3. Where can I buy Claudia's CD's? Claudia Pfeil – 3 CDs “(P)fun – (P)feiling – (P)feathers
  4. I am planning a trip to Nashville, TN and have some flexibility in my schedule. I'll be driving to Lexington, KY, for the World Equestrian Games and Wheeling, WV as well. The dates are mid-Sept to mid-Oct. Does anyone know of quilt shows or great quilt shops in those areas at that time? Teri in ID
  5. Nancy, you and Joyce are both in my prayers. Teri in Idaho
  6. I ordered my Edgerider wheels from Patty on Saturday afternoon. It was already mid-afternoon in Florida. I received them today in Idaho - I think that is awesome service above and beyond! Hope to get them installed tomorrow - my DH is already "booked" for today. Thank you, Patty! Teri in Nampa, ID
  7. That size just happens to be perfect for a Quilt of Valor - maybe we could get a few donations for that worthy cause out of your much anticipated mystery quilt! Looking forward to it, Teri
  8. After 10 years of using clamps, at the encouragement of this thread, I put my clamps outside of the table and just use pins. I love not having to use curtain rods to hold up the elastic to keep the clamps from hitting the side of the machine head. Really, as someone pointed out, there is no reason to have the clamp - just some elastic and a pin. Much better!
  9. I'm also going to MQX for the first time! I am sure looking forward to it. I'm traveling with my friend who is also from Idaho. Can't wait to see old friends and meet new friends! I'm also looking for a ride on Saturday morning to the vicinity of Newark, NJ. Does anyone have space in their car? Teri Devine in ID
  10. Well now, if that border didn't make the cut, I can't imagine what DID! I saw some of the blocks in progress that Sherry designed this border for... They are beautiful, of course. She brought them to my home when I hosted her for a class in January - the first class of her Ink-Lique method. I just finished the quilting of the pattern she sells to go along with her pink Formal Feathers 101 book. It looks just fabulous from 3 feet away. I'm going to keep working on the motifs on that pattern until I can nail those little feathers more than one out of four! LOL Teri in ID
  11. I, too, love the way this quilt turned out. Your feathers are lovely. Your continuous curve is also lovely - did you do it freehand? If so, you have really nailed it! Teri in ID
  12. I want to tell you about the class I had at my home with Sherry Rogers-Harrison. It was Sherry's first ever offering of the Ink-Lique method of making quilts! Sherry has won many awards with her technique for the quilt "Tribal Fusion" and now her new quilt, "Lollapoloosa". In our class we did design work for our own Ink-Lique quilt and inked (it's fun!) and prepared our fabric for the design we did in class. Sherry brought all of the supplies we needed for everything. I know at least one of the students has finished two quilts as a result of the class! Also, Sherry gave a fabulous lecture at the Boise Basin Quilt Guild in Boise, ID. This is a 400 member guild, so her presentation was to a lot of quilters! She did a great job and was hilarious and informative. I highly recommend her as a speaker! You may contact me if you need a recommendation for Sherry as a teacher or lecturer! Teri Devine toodevine4@aol.com
  13. I will be going from Manchester, NH, to Piscataway, NJ on Saturday, April 18. I'd love to hitch a ride with someone going anywhere near there! My daughter could drive to pick me up if it's within about 50 miles. Teri in ID
  14. For many reasons, classes are great for inspiration! The creativity of the teacher and the other students, learning something new, peer pressure/encouragement (you can do it!), indulging in a day of your own choosing, break from routine, etc.! I had a class with Sherry Rogers-Harrison and learned so much! The class was Ink-Lique but was part Creative Design and Formal Feathers as well! Teri in ID