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  1. Yikes! That did that trick. Thank you so much Vickie. I must have dyslexia. I looked it up in the manual and I still got it wrong!
  2. I was quilting along fine and thought I should change the needle. After I changed the needle, the needle stays stuck in the down position. It seems as if its hitting something that is preventing it from coming back up. I thought I did not insert the needle properly so I took it out and inserted again. I'm still having the same problem. What could be causing this? Pauline Lally
  3. Thanks for all of your comments. The set-up seems pretty comprehensive and the cost is only $200 more to take the classes. I figure if I get more interesting in sight seeing, I won't lose too much. All the machines and supplies are provided. It seems like a win-win situation. The EQ7 company is pretty reputable too. Anyway, hubby is excited because there's a photography class for him too!
  4. Hello Everyone: I'm considering taking an Alaskan quilting cruise next year and was wondering if anyone who has taken a quilting cruise can share their experiences. The one I'm considering is run by Deb Roberts' Tours and sponsored by Electric Quilt Company. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Barb: Have you taken a class from an IQ Dealer? I found that when I first had the Lenni (that I think you have now!) I could not quilt for anything. It took six months of playing around with it. Once I took a hands-on class, some things seemed to click. The second hands-on made things click even more. I know for a fact that if you wanted to travel down to MA the MA dealer, Mad About Quilts would give you a class at a very reasonable price. Life is too short to be frustrated with a machine that will not co-operate.
  6. Just my two cents. I NEVER have problems with tension. I don't know what I'm doing differently, but I see many posts from people with problems. I suspect the majority of people don't have problems for whatever reasons!
  7. Stylus, Lenni with adapter 2- feather boards 7 x 24 1 - feather corner piece 7 x 10 NEVER USED Total paid = $203 For sale @ $100 plus shipping, handling and insurance (if requested) NEW PRICE: FREE. You pay shipping only - I want to clean up my space! Reason for selling: Upgrade to computerized system (IQ - Intelli-quilter)
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