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  1. lol were you watching me today? That sounds exactly like my circles and leaves today. But like you I am totally smitten.....
  2. Sadly I've been told the sunsets are that color right now because of the smoke in the atmosphere from the CA wildfires. Years ago during the Missionary Ridge fire in Colorado the sunsets were unbelievable, it was because of all the smoke and ash in the sky.
  3. That's gorgeous! Here in nw NM we've also had some beautiful pink/orange sunsets the last few nights.
  4. That is so cute! What a great idea, I'm going to show DH this, maybe our dogs (3 JRTs) would sit in something like that. Terri
  5. Mark, thanks! I found their info last night. roberta, didn't see a U2U from you, so I sent you one Deb2bie, thanks for the info, I will definitely keep it handy! meg, got it and will send one back. Carmen, I found that thread last night and got tons of great info from it, thanks! I think alot of my problem with deciding is that I know they are both great machines and since this will be my first one I know I'll most likely love either one. DH only goes for top-of-line (to bad for me huh? lol) and I tend to be "sensible" which he likes to refer to as "cheap" lol. So I will contact the dealer in Santa Fe to see about a test drive on the Millie and find a Nolting TOL to test then go from there. Or at least that's the plan for now, give me a hour and may change lol. Terri
  6. What a great quilt! I love how you did the A. Man the inspiration from this board is amazing. Terri ps my daughter just moved to Mesa, I got to help her unload in 114 heat fun fun fun!!
  7. I'm in Farmington, the northwest corner aka Four Corners area
  8. ok I'll try to slooow down This is so overwhelming and yeah I'm not very patient lol. I got the dvd in the mail today and it was very interesting, I was also to see the table much better than what I've found online. So now I think I will wait until after Houston to decide and that way I can try out several of the APQS machines and the Noltings. I thank all of you for your input, it has been a great help!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a fairly new quilter and am now researching longarms and boy am I glad to read that so many others have the same doubts, fears etc that I am having!! This is crazy lol. I've (or rather DH) has pretty much narrowed it down to a Millie, because of the quality, the warranty length and a few mechanical things that I didn't pay much attention to lol. Is anyone here from New Mexico? I've driven a Nolting Fun Quilter and that was enough to let me know I will love doing this and I don't really want to wait until Houston to test drive a Millie. I want it now! Then can anyone direct to me good pics of the table? I will probably go with a 12' because I just don't think I'll have room for a 14 until the basement is finished and that could be a while. But that could change once I actually get out a tape measure. But I would really like to see pics of one up close just to get an idea. The Nolting I tried was on a Hinterburg (?) frame and fairly straightforward to use. I know these will be heavier and most likely nicer (price give that away lol) but I'm having trouble finding good pics. You all are so patient with those of us stressing out over deciding, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say Thank You!! Terri