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  1. Saundra; I am a Nolting Factory Authorized Repair Technician. I am very familiar with most of the Nolting machines. I have been repairing them for over 8 years. If you will give me a call here at our studio i will give try to help you. I would appreciate it if you call before 10 PM CST time. If you need to call Sunday please call in the afternoon. I do have an idea what you problem is. John
  2. At this time to install Quilt Glide on the 2008 Millennium it will need to be returned to the factory. It can not be installed on older machines. John
  3. At last check we had some ULT I's for sale that are factory certified. Contact your local Representative for help. If you don't have a local Rep just email me or give us a call and I will check on availability for you. John
  4. You need to contact your APQS representative in with this question. They can answer all your questions in person. This is the reason to buy from your local Representative. To answer a few of you questions you will receive an assortment of thread and pantographs that vary with each machine. You will get one package of 10 needles and extra bobbins from APQS. If you purchased from your local Rep they may have a welcome package that includes extra items from them. (We provide a start up kit that has many useful items and spares.) John
  5. Only the "A" Frames IE the large heads have room for the thread cutter. It is only standard on the Millennium. John
  6. Check your power line voltage regulation. The needle speed is sensitive to voltage changes. We use a Voltage Regulator on our Millie with the CQ. John
  7. I have a specialist that had a practice in Canada and still visits his mother on a monthly basis. He has many physician friends in Canada he certainly did not paint a rosy picture of the status of health care in Canada and had many stories of waiting for medical care and other issues in the Canadian heath care system. I had 5 coronary artery bypasses, when it was discovered that I needed the surgery I was operated on the next day. John
  8. You can order a new table directly through your local dealer also and get personal service. John
  9. If you don't want to drill and tap holes double stick would work fine. John
  10. Don't be afraid to use your machine. They were used for years without a cover. You might go for a long time without having an issue. If you do it is not that hard to fix. John
  11. One of the issues I see with excess noise from the back of the machine is this. The top rear cover has been pushed down and it is touching the back vertical cover. To fix this look from the back and look under the cover, you can see if it is touching, if so loosen the three screws on each side and raise the cover until it is not touching the vertical or front cover, then tighten the screws. This cover can make a lot of noise. Some times a visitor leans on the rear cover with their arm and this pushes it down. Hope this helps, John
  12. Hi Judi: I looked at your picture. You have the table with the square legs. We had one of those tables for a number of years and did not use anything in the area you have the Styrofoam. Could you tell me what you are using the Styrofoam for and I might be able to comment. Thanks, John
  13. We used a plastic piece from some packaging (very much like Judi's) until Hartley came out with the F/W cover. It worked fine. John
  14. The brass bushing you see is normal. You should not have any in and out play in your shaft. (Look at it like this if the hook assembly is moving in and out the hook spacing will change and this is not a good idea.) Basically you remove the machine from the table and turn it upside down and remove the place on the gearbox. You will then probe it with a stick. I use a hobby or Popsicle stick and get the air pockets out and then top off with new grease and then work the grease with the stick and then reseal the box with RTV. You can get the grease from APQS at 1-800-426-7233 and ask for Lin
  15. When you purchase a car and the new models have enhancements auto manufactures do not recall older models to install the upgrades. Recalls are only for safety issues. The new Millennium has several new enhancements’ that can not be retrofitted to the older machines. It is a new model just like in the auto industry but sewing machines are not totally redesigned every year. We wanted the upgraded Millennium so we did what you do when you have a car. You sell it or trade it in for the new model. We upgraded to two of the new Millenniums because we wanted the new model. John
  16. All current machines have a flywheel cover factory installed. John
  17. I did not read your last post correctly. Check and see if the shaft will move in and out of the gearbox. If you need gearbox grease the noise is usually described as a growl. This will not harm the machine but it is very annoying and the gearbox should be repacked. You did not tell us the age of your Millie. Does it have a black cap over the shaft below the hook assembly? Have you been experiencing any grease leaking from the shafts? John
  18. Country Lane Quilting will have a Millennium at the Crown Center Quilt Show until Friday October 3, 2008. This is our 4th or 5th year at this show. Drop by and say hi to Janet or Mary. John
  19. We stock the flywheel cover for $9.95 plus actual shipping and no handling. We take Visa and M/C if you like. Contact Country Lane Quilting to order. John
  20. Owner wants to sell so she asked me to lower the price to $100. This is a commercial machine in excellent condition and should last forever.
  21. More than likely that this is caused by the circuit boards. The computer controls the motor. Contact Amy on Monday. John
  22. The Wireless Remote system is $250 and it will take you about 5 minutes to install. It just plugs in. John
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