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  1. Linda: The best way to find a buy is just like Meg did and let the forum know what you are looking for. We are an Authorized Hartley dealer ant i can assure you the prices our client is asking if a real good buy. John
  2. I have a client who has a Base Expander, Hartley Fence with Template holder and 63 stencils for sale. She has Myrna's DVD and Work book. Everything is listed at 1/2 retail price plus shipping. Call me and I will direct you to her for more information. John Studiio 816-350-2002
  3. Meg I have a client that will sell her Micro drive for your Freedom for $100 plus shipping. It was on her machine for 2 day so it is like new. She also has a Base Expander, Hartley Fence with Template holder and 63 stencils. She has Myrna's DVD and Work book. Everything is listed at 1/2 retail price plus shipping. John Call me for more information Studio 816-350-2002
  4. Julie: This is not something that goes bad often but thy are cheap to have on hand. I will add it to your order. John
  5. 100 Singer MR or Organ Needles--------------$35.00 mix and match sizes 10 Singer MR or Organ Needles----------------$5.50each 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0 100 Steel Bobbins--------------------$25.00 @ $.25 each 50 Steel Bobbins---------------------$15.00 @ $.30 each Less than 50 ------------------------------------$.35 each 100 Aluminum Bobbins--------------$35.00 @ $.35 each Less than 100-------------------------------------$.40 each 3 Bobbin Case “L”------------------ $18.00 @ $6.00 each 6 Bobbin Case “L” ------------------$30.00 @ $5.00 each 9 Bobbin Case “L”-------------------$
  6. I'm assuming that the bobbin is spinning at a constant speed. The "O" ring on the drive motor wears very quickly and causes issues. Check your tension disk for debris. It sounds like a tension issue. Compare the tension on your other winder to your Turbo and it should be about the same. In a pinch you can probably use your DSM winder. John
  7. We have left in stock one new Turbo Bobbin Winder. As you know they currently sell for $325. We have one left that we will sell for $200 plus shipping. Contact us at our studio by phone or email. John
  8. 2003 Millennium This machine has been lightly used and comes with a lot of extras. 14 foot table power fabric take up Hartley Base Expander Horizontal Thread holder Vertical Thread Holder Hartley Micro Drive Hartley Fence Stencil Holder 30 Stencils $13,000 USD Buyer to move or professional moving and set up available. This machine is located in the Kansas City, MO area and is available for demonstration by appointment. Contact Country Lane Quilting at 816-350-2002 or email countrylanequilting@mail.com.
  9. Read your instructions and adjust the truss bars. This is what keeps the table from sagging. To check go to the end of the table and sight along the top of each rail. Then adjust the truss to level the table. Properly adjusted you should never have any sag in your table. In your picture it appears the truss does not have any tension. I can not see the adjusting bolts or the cross bar. Did you install them per the instructions? John
  10. Our client has reduced the price to $14,500. This machine is in like new condition. Client will pay for delivery and professional set up within a reasonable distance from Lee's Summit, MO.
  11. Thanks Rita and Roland for the kind words. Keep us posted but I think we now have a plan. John
  12. I supply Organ needles and have sold quite a few. If you will do a few searches you will find several of my clients were very pleased and switched from the MR's. We have been using Mr's for years here and have now switched to Organ's with great results. We use organ's because they have proved to us to be superior to the MR's. I am not in the sudio at this time but I can check the No's on the Organs. I buy Organ and MR's from the same supplier. The same size Organ leaves a smaller hole. The scarf is like the MR but the Organ does not have that big hump on the front. Here is a link t
  13. They are different sizes. APQS makes a "A" size head. Millie, Freedom UltI, and a "B" size head. Liberty, Lenni, UltII. We are a Authorized Hartley dealer. John
  14. You can certainly make something that would work. Check on the metal isle at Lowes, and maybe the hobby shop. The challenge is will you do it and how do you want it to look. If you feel up to it giving it a try sounds like a good plan. I'll check for a used one when I return to the studio. John
  15. Since no one answered you. You do not see them used often. We have them in stock, $59.95 plus actual shipping or if you buy $50 in needles, bobbin cases or bobbins we will ship free. This is the new style with the tall rods. I am not in the studio but we might have an old style one used, I'll check when I get back in the studio next week if you are interested. It would be a lot cheaper. John
  16. A certified or cashiers check is not necessary a good way because they can be stolen or fraudulent. I use PayPal a lot and have never ha a problem. Meg if I can help you can call me I believe you have my cell#. John
  17. Check your needle bar height. A very small change will cause this issue. You may have jammed it enought for a small change. All timing rotation is based on the needle bar height being proper. The instructions are in your manual. You may not need to retime. John
  18. We carry the MR needles in most sizes and also carry the Organ needles. Call me for pricing and specials. I now have a special (free shipping on orders over $50) and never a handling charge. John
  19. Meg has purchased from Country Lane and I will say she was great to deal with and very cooperative. And in my opinion I feel that you could not go wrong dealing with her. I wish her good luck in her future endeavors. John
  20. The washer is a flat fiber washer and we buy them at the hardware store. They go behind the bobbin and they stop any slipping. John
  21. The Turbo winds metal bobbins fine. We have wound thousands of them. A small washer behind the boobin does wonder and helps to get a good bobbin. Here at Country lane we only use metal bobbins. John
  22. You might find someone that has a 10 foot table to trade. We have one that we would sell. John
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