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  1. Congratulations for all winners. My friend Ted Storm won with her quilt ElaTED. She worked 5 years on that quilt. All hand work.
  2. On this site you can find a lot of quiltshops in Europe. http://www.cosman.nl/maps/europe_en.php I used it several times and it is very good
  3. I'm already using the second bobbin. I cleaned the bobbin case. On the needle plate I found a little nick. I sandpapered it. I used sandpaper 320. That is very fine sandpaper. I don't know if that is the correct sandpaper. Otherwise I will go to our neighbour who is owner of a technical wholesaler. I will try it tomorrow night. And otherwise I will take the needle plate with me when I go to Claudia Pfeil coming weekend. I will also try a new bobbin case and/or replace the needle. Thank you both for your advise.
  4. Yesterday I was working freehand on a quilt and after quilting a part my bobbin thread breaks. Sometimes even just after a few stitches. This happened many times. And I have more then half of this quilt to go. I'm using Bottom line pre-wound bobbins. Yesterday the previous needle broke, so there is a new needle. The tension is as far as I can see no problem. My top thread is not giving any problem. What can issue this problem??
  5. In October this year our bee will celibrate its 5th anniverery with a show. For this show we are making a groupquilt. Each member got a piece of fabric and had to prepare a block with the theme 5. Now all blocks are finished and even the top is finished. The next thing is quilting it and mid may the photo for the poster and flyers will be made. I will be quilting it. Now I have a problem. One of the committeemembers deliverd everything at my home and the batting was fusible batting instead of the normal hobbs 80/20 what I advised. Can the fusible batting be used on my Millie or should I replace it by the normal hobbs. For smaller projects what I quilt on my DSM I often use Fusible. Special when with the more modern techniques. I need advise on what to do.
  6. At the end of next week I will have classes at Claudia's studio in Germany:cool:
  7. I've read the first book. This week we can watch the mini-serie on television. Last night I recorded part 2 as were away. I also like the books from Henning Mankell of which there are also tv-series. There is an English serie and 2 Swedish series. On of the Swedish series follows a few of the books. The other serie is new stories.
  8. Hopefully in January when the garage is transformed to my studio I can take in my first customers. Can you include me to. My e-mail adress is k.evers@hccnet.nl
  9. This is an annual show. And the dates for 2012 and 2013 are already on the website.
  10. I will be there with a group of appox. 33 ladies from NL
  11. I have been there only on Sundaycourse and to the Show and tell. It was great again. Thank you.
  12. Hello Sarah, Welcome to the forum. I live in NL. This time I will come one day to Claudia's Open House. I use thread from Superiour and Aurifill. In Germany you can buy Superiour threads from http://www.Arbee.de
  13. This quilt was done with the help of IQ. The customer is very happy with the quilting result. I got the quilt with backing and batting in November when we had our annual quilting retreate. It was not neccessary to hurry. Until mid March I did a lot of charity quilts where I could practice free handquilting and using IQ. When that was finished I did one of my own quilts. The top was made during a quilting retreate in February last year and this year I was joining this organised retreate again only now with the second group. Before that I wanted to have it finished. This quilt is almost completely quilted freehand. Photo's will follow soon. For my self I could say I did it. And I'm very pleased with the result.