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  1. Love my Circle Lord toys too! Waiting anxiously for my new modern boards!!! I am not computerized ,these boards and tools hep me work magic.Thank you Kay & Michael
  2. Great idea, I was just recently trying to figure out why this happened to a recent customer's quilt...,, I had some "reverse sewing" to fix the problem. Thanks for sharing. The white clamps can be purchased from Jamie Wallen, I use them when floating quilt tops.
  3. Hi Carol, The Eleanor Burns method works really slick, once you have turned the block to right side out ,fuse a fusible onto the back , I use lite steam a seam 2 or equivalent; then fuse blocks in place prior t o sewing in place. I would recommend a practice also but it is fast and easy once you get the hang of it. Good luck!
  4. Congratulations,beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting!
  5. Congratulations,beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting!
  6. Thank you for reminding all of us of the "fragility" of life and what a wonderful God we have .I have my own story and am thankful for every new day and the many blessings we enjoy . congratulations and God Bless!
  7. Love the quilt and the Circle Lord Starburst, great job!
  8. Congratulations, children bring their own blessings. Beautiful family too. :)
  9. Looks interesting but I much prefer Circle Lord Baptist Fan boards, quick , easy and foolproof ! Granted a little more expensive but the results make up for the cost and the boards pay for themselves in no time. Happy quilting everybody, I finished my last "Christmas" customer quilt today now I can get ready for the holidays. Hurray!
  10. I crosshatched two entire Queen Sized quilts last year that had been hand embroidered, they are both in the Circle Lord 2012 Quilt show album. I used the CL crosshatch boards with the push button system. I am a relatively new quilter and both quilts turned out beautifully. The tools are practically foolproof if you think out each step and follow the directions with the boards/templates. I don't think I would attempt to crosshatch using just rulers;it is a big job and you must make sure all the lines match up properly or you will have a mess. Good luck, I highly recommend you speak to Michael
  11. Hi Bonnie, I have the Circle Lord long boards for "Cosmos" my clients love it and it is quick and easy. The pattern is pretty open but gives great allover texture. CL is not a panto but well worth the investment. Happy quilting,
  12. I 'd love to join you and meet some of my "forum" friends. I will also need directions . See you in October,
  13. I Have just ordered my Quiltcam and can't wait for it to arrive! My new Circle lord boards are also on their way. I have been away from quilting for the summer and I am just getting back in the "groove".I have missed the forum and hope to start posting pictures and being a more active participant. Thanks for all your help and the great information shared.
  14. Prayers and hugs for the entire family, will add Izzy to my prayer chain.
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