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  1. I do have pictures, this machine was used for quilting for friends and myself. Not sure of the hours, I have never had any problems with the machine.
  2. The price is the original post $6000 and the machine is a 2011
  3. I can no longer quilt and am selling my Lenni Longarm. Asking $6000, includes all my pantographs, threads, and Quiltazoid...10 foot table.....must be picked up, cannot ship. Also includes all my rulers. I live in Boyertown, PA UNIT IS NOW SOLD! THANKS FOR ALL THE INQUIRIES
  4. The only way I would drop the price on this is to NOT include all my extras.....machine and table only.........$9,500
  5. Jedsews


    I thought they were Machine Manufacturer specific, not machine specific.
  6. I have decided to sell my Lenni. I am asking $11,000 for it which includes all my rulers, pantos, Quiltazoid, threads and bobbins, needles, and books relating to longarm quilting. I do prefer to sell to someone who can pick it up as I do not want to ship it. I live in Southeastern PA, 40 miles west of Philadelphia. If you are interested, send me an email.....thanks! jedsews@ptd.net
  7. I just bought my Lenni in 2011, if you can afford the Bliss, get it, it is so worth the extra money!
  8. so, has anyone got those new handles for their Lenni yet, and if so, do you like them? I hate that I always feel the need to buy new stuff as it comes out...LOL
  9. Jedsews


    I have my QZ for probably over a year, I used it once, had problems, but it was me, guess I really need to bite the bullet and try it again
  10. I have attempted to sew a casing on my leaders, three times now and can't get it right....what's the secret to getting them straight? I have used the side clamps to hold them taut, I have used my channel locks to keep the machine going straight across, and yet, it doesn't happen...I am at my wits end! Would it be unheard of to just pin this casings instead of making myself crazy trying to sew them once again?
  11. I just love the sound of these colors, can't wait to see the finished quilt!
  12. Just had an email about PantoVision which is being sold by ABM Innova. Its a computer program whereas you can work on pantos from the front of the machine.....would love it, it is selling for approx $795.00....my question is this.....will APQS be developing something like this in the near future? Would love it, but would rather support APQS since that is what I use now.
  13. My Lenni is on carpet and since I am tall, I have it raised up high already. Do the things that screw in to raise and lower get removed when you put on casters?
  14. When I purchased my Lenni, I didn't get casters. Now I am thinking that I would like them so I can roll it back towards my wall giving me more room to quilt from the front. I have extremely amount of limited space. Are they available for my machine, if so, does anyone have them and know approx the cost of them. Not even sure if they are available for my table, anyone?
  15. I would take a look to see if anyone has a 1530 listed on ebay, that could give you a starting price
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