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  1. Thanks, I will try that. and let you know
  2. I am new to this as I say....what fuse?
  3. I put on the Hartley base to try to use the rulers that came with it, when I started sewing, the needle sounded like it hit something in the bobbin case, shut down and now it won't come back on.....OMG, what did I do?
  4. The quilting is gorgeous! Adding this to my favorites, have to keep looking at it!
  5. Lenni is up and running! She had some tensions issues, and we worked on them, and still am trying to find that happy place between the upper and lower, but.....she is like a dream come true! When I am done with the practice piece that I have on, I am going to try to put on the Red Snappers, I have already decided that I don't like pinning the quilt...LOL I do love the Glide thread and the magna bobbins. I have been using Penni without the stitch regulator as I find that to be too restrictive, I feel like I am pulling it to make it go, if that makes sense....but all in all, she is a sweet machine and has a wonderful new home!
  6. I live in Boyertown, 40 miles west of Phila. Lenni is coming TODAY! Trucking company called and changed the date, oh yes, I will take her today!!!
  7. She will be here on Wednesday between 9am and noon, can't wait!!!! She will have a wonderful home
  8. this site was recommended to me by my sales rep, and I did buy one.
  9. Here is where I ordered my stylus from for my Lenni, third one down on the page. http://quilteztemplates.danemcoweb.com/shop/category/quilt-ez-stylus/
  10. Thanks Linda, I have purchased the magna glides to try them, thanks for the explanation of what to do to the bobbin case..
  11. so Glide thread is that good that it doesn't need tension adjustments, please tell me yes!
  12. Sylvia, the waiting, for me, is the worse part of this experience. My Lenni has left the factory, but I havent yet found out the delivery date, I am not a good waiter!
  13. I order some thread and bobbins yesterday, Glide and the magna glide bobbins.
  14. Lenni is being shipped tomorrow, I just heard from Heidi Kaisand!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I bet I get mine before yours! Congrats on your purchase Linzi!
  16. I have been too busy ordering "stuff" that I know I will need
  17. I just mine yesterday. Now, waiting for my machine, can't wait to use these babies!
  18. I have already done that, I am super duper ready! LOL
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