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  1. I thought I had it balanced. Tightening just a little did the trick. Thanks.
  2. My tension is fine when I am going in a straight line or have some speed. When I am trying to go slow, my top tension loops just a little but it is visible. I am using So Fine in the top and bobbin. Any ideas? I am trying to outline some flowers on the fabric.
  3. Urban Elementz has this pantograph. http://www.urbanelementz.com/shop/product/double-bubble/
  4. I also am a type 2. I found this website for helpful for me. I have received a "recipe a day" via email for over 5 years. This might be a good resource for you. http://diabeticgourmet.com/.
  5. What did you use to make the circles? Really fun. Great quilt.
  6. Picture of the background fill. One of the fabrics had this design in it.
  7. picture of the finished quilt. Thanks to all for helping me through this.
  8. Finished and customer was happy with results. Will use this ruler no more!
  9. Does the glow in the dark thread need to be exposed to light before it will work? Can the quilt be folded up and the glow still work? Any special tips on quilting with this thread.
  10. Thanks Shana. I would love to post a photo when completed. Did a little better on this evening.
  11. Thanks for all of the input. When I am finished with this quilt, I will not use this ruler in this manner again. Received a suggestion for another ruler that I will purchase from Shana. Glad when this one is finished. It is a beautiful quilt and the lady did a great job of piecing the top.
  12. How do you make a nice turn at the top of the scallops on these guides/rulers? I can't hug the ruler because it looks rounded. Can't seem to line it up right even though I am drawing a vertical line?
  13. For sale: 2007 Millennium with stitch regulator purchased in August 2009 from APQS. Has built-in laser light, thread cutter and 12 foot table. Has hydraulic lift, motorized fabric advance, Turbo bobbin winder, Hartley Micro-Drive, Hartley Spool Holder, Hartley Base Expander with two straight edge guides with tapered handles. $15,500. Located in Waco Texas. Will deliver within 200 miles from Waco.
  14. I did this also on my granddaughter's quilt that I gave her for 2009 Christmas. I ran out of backing as I got to the bottom of quilting the quilt. I took the quilt off the Millennium, sewed extra backing on and sewed a quilt label as part of the backing (because I didn't have enough of the backing fabric left). When the quilt was completed, it looked like I had planned it that way all along. I am new to long arm quilting but have been quilting by hand and making quilts all of my life. My granddaughter is a teenager and loved the quilt.
  15. Georgene, what a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. This is beginning to be an issue for me also.
  16. Thanks so much. When I get this quilt off, I will definitely check on the leaders. Will get back to you. Thanks again for all of the input.
  17. It seems that each quilt I work on, I have the same issue. My quilts are tighter on the left side than on the right side. I wonder if I am forgetting something when I advance the quilts. I have to work to keep the rows of the quilt even.
  18. What kind of table are you referring to? Newbie and still learning.
  19. I did it!!! Thanks Carmen. The picture is posted above. Input will be appreciated as to quilting ideas.
  20. I am trying to figure out how to post the picture. Again, I am having a learning time...
  21. Would appreciate ideas on how to quilt this quilt. I have 3 more quilts that are blocks similar. I think of this block as more contemporary rather than traditional so I feel the quilting should be more flowing (whatever that means). And, yes, our dog loves to look at quilts and watch me quilt.
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