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  1. Need some suggestions on how to quilt a contemporary quilt. Where do you go for ideas. Do you ever use feathers or swirls?
  2. Rita, I hope you find a solution. I admire your tenacity. I have had my machine for 5 months and am ready to sell it every other day because of thread problems. You have got to be one of the most patient people.
  3. I contacted APQS. My laser light was out. They replaced in and I am back in business. Thanks.
  4. This is great advice. Had no ideas to deal with saggy backs. I also have one with sagging back waiting to be quilted. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Just came from my guild meeting. So much fun, so much to learn and share. I know you will have a great time. Looking forward to your follow up.
  6. I use them on my Bernina but have not noticed a difference on my Millie.
  7. I don't post very often but I have to add my prayers to this list. You do have a lot to deal with.
  8. Just tried moving the light with the same results. But that was a great idea. APQS call in the morning. Thanks.
  9. The tip is pushed in as far as it will go. I will go work on piecing a quilt until Monday. Thanks for your input.
  10. Just trying some things a minute ago to trouble shoot: The power source has the green light on. When I turn off the room lights, the laser light puts out a faint red light that is barely visible.
  11. That is absolutely precious. I have great memories sewing with my grandmother and mother.
  12. I completed a quilt this morning using the laser light. This afternoon a friend's niece (8 yrs old) came over and quilted a little quilt. Now my laser is not working. The little girl did quilt very fast. Could something have come loose on the laser light? Any suggestions? PS. You should have seen her quilt. She is so cute.
  13. Thanks Bonnie. I will try just batting. Everything that I do, I do with all that I have. (For instance, I was racking the quilt way too tight.) I will try just the batting. That would be so much easier! My quilting studio smells like a hospital. Also glad to know that it is not hurting my frame. You're great.
  14. I clean my Edgerider wheels with alcohol and Q-tips. I wipe my table with alcohol and paper towels. I quilt one quilt and my wheels are dirty again. When my wheels are dirty, my machine does not move as easily and freely. Should my wheels be that bad after one lap size quilt? I thought someone told me that I would need to clean my table once a month, but I am doing it daily and still have problems.
  15. Sure is a lot easier than a compressor. Lighter in weight and very portable.
  16. We purchased a Coleman Rechargeable QuickPump at Walmart to blow up an air mattress. A wonderful surprise is that it also works to blow the lint from my Millie. And it cost less than $20 at Walmart. It is very light weight and is very compact at about 6" X 8". This one uses a 120V (but they also had one that worked only off of a car charger). Wanted to share the info, especially with other newbies.
  17. I am so glad that I posted this topic. I am quilting with very little bouncing. Thanks so much for all of the input. My level bar was too high and I had my quilt way too tight for what I was wanting to do. Again, thanks so much.
  18. I checked my table and it is still level. But, I can get my entire hand under the level bar. I will lower it. Thanks for the tips. I will also call APQS. Thanks so much. Happy New Year.
  19. When I try to quilt my quilts once they are loaded, they vibrate which makes it difficult to tell where I am quilting. Two friends have Gammil machines/tables and they do not have this problem. Any suggestions for me? Thanks.
  20. Bonnie, I followed your suggestions and have successfully quilted my first flannel quilt. I am started to have fun with my machine. Thanks for the tips and support.
  21. I am ready to load a quilt with a flannel backing. I have never had a flannel backing before. Any tips? Does it stretch? I am a little anxious about it.
  22. Wonderful! It's beautiful. You make a great DIL.
  23. We got hugh snowflakes for about 30 minutes last week. Don't know if they actually touched the ground but it was pretty coming down. I live in Waco Texas so we don't get much snow.
  24. I don't have the ruler but do have an extended base. Will get the ruler and I guess it also comes back to PPP. Thanks so much
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