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  1. I'm back to announce that I completed the job, thanks to Amy's patience and clear instruction. So happy I was able to do it myself, even though it took over a month...... super patience was needed here... now, I have a new problem: the stitch quality is horrible.... I have the tension balance but the stitches over all are tight, puckering the quilt, and, the stitches are showing an erratic line, instead of the beautiful line I had before I started the upgrade. any suggestions? I'm hoping it's not a timing issue, but if it is any hints about doing it RIGHT???? thanks for you all in the forum... Lisel in California
  2. hi..... I've now had a couple of phone chats with Amy, and we're getting there..... after helping me change the bushings it's ready to sew, that is if I could exchange the circuit for the new foot pedal, after which I can time the machine to get up and running.. the current glitch is that GEORGE doesn't seem to start up consistently.... that seems to maybe being a loose wire connecting everything to the new circuit board..... any ideas???? thanks for all the replies, Lisel
  3. I've been trying to talk with her for over a week now...... and can't seem to connect with her.... I've got a call in to her right now, and am waiting yet again for her to call back. I'm working on my patience skills!
  4. Hi Y'all...... thanks for the replies! My difficulty is that I cannot get the new interchangeable foot to give the space needed to allow the space needed for the quilt. I was to have changed the bushing, they sent me 3 (?), but nowhere in the directions does it tell me what to do with them. I'm guessing that I have to give the new foot a little more room to go further up to allow the space. Anybody know about that????Any hint will help somehow. Thanks a ton, Lisel
  5. Hi all my friends from a while ago..., I'm trying to exchange the original hopping foot for the newer exchangeable hopping foot.... and have no info about changing the bushings in order to allow the foot to have enough room to accommodate the space needed for the quilt to pass through.... Anyone have experience with this so I can get it to work???? I'm hoping so...... and thanks in advance, Lisel
  6. Thanks Nancy...... this afternoon I used a 90/14 with Superior rainbows....... it was perfect....... great tension, much smaller holes, and no thread breakage.... maybe I'll stay there for awhile, and then try even smaller!!! I guess I just needed to hear, read, that you had tried this and got the courage to just play with it! Thanks again! L
  7. Nancy said: In my George, I routinely use everything from a size 75/11 to a size 100/16. They're all smaller than the big needle George is timed for. Mrs. A...... did you need to fuss with the timing in your George to use these smaller needles??? I suppose I could just try it out, but I wanted to get some information from your experience. Thanks, Lisel
  8. thanks everybody for the information put forth; I will have to try all, and see where they take me. However, it's going to be awhile...... Seems that I broke my heel bone last Tuesday in a minor Vespa accident I had right in front of my own house on my way to the farmer's market. UGH :(:( It's my right foot, my foot controller foot, and the Doc's are trying to figure out if I will need surgery! YOW!!!! Not only is it painful, it's mighty inconvenient as I have to keep my foot elevated above my heart to help the swelling and bruising to drain out from the leg, which makes it virtually impossible to do any quilting at the moment...... or could be months!!!! DRAT........I'm actually being my most polite here with my usually foul mouth......, but what good would all that nastiness do anyway???? Just make me more tired and cranky! Keep posting for me, so that I will have great stuff for entertainment purposes in the coming weeks. Love this list, and thanks for the goodies, Lisel
  9. I'm so glad to see all the action on the George list! I'm having difficulty with tension when going in the backwards direction; I'll have set the tension going forward to just about perfect, and then whenever I go in a different direction, mostly backwards though, it seems the top tension get's so tight it brings the bottom up, and top-stitching looks like a straight tight line of thread with bottom thread just holding it onto the top. I use pretty light tension in the bottom, but no matter what i do with the top tension, this always happens. Also, if I tighten the bottom tension, whenever I do a loopdy-loo of any kind, I get versions of eyelashes on the bottom. I've tried slowing down, I've messed with the tension, forever changing it, top and bottom, but mostly the top....... Just can't seem get this right! Anyone have the magic formula for this glitch???: Thanks so much, Lisel
  10. OK...... I don't usually pipe in, but out here in California, gas is over $4.00 per gallon for regular....... I fortunately have an alternative vehicle in addition to my car; a VESPA, which gets 50 - 60 mpg, but takes premium. That's now at about $4.50 / gal. , but if I'm prudent, I get at least 2 weeks on that 2 gallons, and then my car gets to sit waiting for the long trips. Moral: get a Vespa..... economic and fun! Lisel in not so sunny CA
  11. OUCH OUCH OUCH...... I did it too, about a year ago; my needle broke into three pieces and went all the way through:o.... No more details here..... But what I did do, was take the needle with the thread still in it, and the other 2 pieces and taped them to the arm of my Bernina, so that I would have a sobering reminder every time I sat down to sew! So far so good! This comes under the heading: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! all the best for a speedy recovery, Lisel on a George
  12. I just ordered mine too...... Thanks Dave:D Lisel
  13. Lisa, could you give some more information on this adapter foot??? What does it look like, and where do you find one of these???? I have been wondering about rulers for my George, but can't visualize how they would be used! All the info I can get, I'd be grateful for. Great Holidays to all, Lisel
  14. HI Anna...... I use the Superior tri-lobal poly on my George almost exclusively, and have had no problems. I use So Fine in the bobbin, I use a 3.5 needle, (and would actually like to use a 3.0, but our machines aren't timed for them). Someone told me that So Fine in the bobbin was just the right thing to use against the slick poly, and for me it has been problem free! I agree with the others, that you have to play with all your tension settings on top and bottom, which will give you some really great stitching. I just found out that I had been loading my bobbin into the case backwards, but had managed to have it work perfectly in spite of being totally wrong. I was looking for why there was a new vibrating sound from my George, and came across the bobbin info; silly me!!! I have now corrected it, but the stitch seems just the same. But, it did not fix the vibration!!! Good luck with your settings, Lisel
  15. I'm going and I have a quilt in the show!!! Actually it was quilted on my Juki, before I got my GEORGE, which will be the machine of the next entry! I'll be there all tomorrow, and will check out Ferret's dress! BTW: my quilt is called "whatchamacallit".......I just couldn't think of a name for it, soooooooo............ that is what happened with the title.
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