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  1. For my 2 cents worth - I received my Millie last fall (in Luxembourg/Europe) and had no choice other than to put it together myself/with my husband. No Problem - the instructions are good, you just have to take your time and go "step-by-step". It took us about 4 hours, but referring to Barb's comments, it is an excellent way to become familiar with the machine and all the extras. Read the instructions first so you are familiar with the names and terms used, and I'm sure you will be up and running before you know it! Good luck and let the forum know when you are read y to roll! Sue
  2. Hello Jo - nice to hear that you will be attending Patchwork Europe. Once I get my daily work out of the way, will send an email. Sue
  3. Hi Jo - I had planned to attend last year but was unable to; but I'm going this year! and am booked to do all 6 classes with Sue Patten - can't wait!! Ste Marie aux Mines is in the Alsace area, north east part of France. Their web site "patchwork europe" is also in English and if you look through it in detail you should find all the info you need. One piece of advice, if you plan to go and spend more than one day, book a hotel asap. Also you will need a car, Ste Marie aux Mines offers very little on the accomodation side and most hotels are more than 10 km away. I will also be seeing Suzan Pons and her team, at the APQS stand. Even tho I have a new Millie, it will be fun to be there. If you need more info, and if I can help, send me your email address. Sue (from Luxembourg)
  4. Go for the Millie - the extra throat space is more than worth it, plus the day you want to upgrade again, your Millie will still be very sellable. Sue
  5. Has everyone read the blog article from APQS (on the home page) - Quilting by Numbers? Good and fun reading - do YOU qualify as a "dedicated" quilter? Specially like the requirement to buy 100 yds of material a year !
  6. What lesson for us, the newbies, seeing the before and then the creation of a "wow" after is so inspiring. Please continue to post before and afters - we need all the help we can get Thanks for sharing - the finished quilt is just plain "wonderful".
  7. Thanks to all - as usual you are all the best. I have been studying Renae's method and will give it a try. Sue
  8. Love it! Have to chime in here - back track to the 50's please. This picture could be my mother and me - jeans, T-shirts were unknown, but we loved our treddle Singer machine and we were always in dresses! Times have changed, but it was fun even then. PS - I live in jeans and T-shirts now! Sue
  9. Hello all, I have just purchased some red snappers for my 2013 Millie, and remember seeing "somewhere" a Youtube instruction video about making the casings with a long arm, on the canvas leaders. It looked simple, but because I did not save the site, it is now difficult without help. Any ideas and/or instructions to follow? All help/hints are welcome. Thanks to all. Sue
  10. I opened the Hunters Design Studio - What's It Worth Quilt Pricing link this morning - worth reading. I am so glad I quilt for me-myself and I, and have no desire to get involved with customer quilting. But, this said, the article and the additional link is really food for thought. The link is " " - at the end of the article, there is another link to a 2nd article on the same subject. I was once asked what one of my quilts (fully hand appliqued) was worth - I could not answer, I just said that it was almost impossible to calculate the number of hours spent doing the hand applique - without considering material. Just my thoughts. Sue
  11. Thanks Lyn and Linda - your instructions are always helpful! Sue
  12. I check out the forum early nearly every day. Living in Europe, our time zone is 6 hours ahead of EST so I see spam before most of you. This morning 5 spam subjects had been posted. I would have loved to "report" them so that others on the forum could be spared their content, but I do not know how to report them. Can someone chime in here to explain how to report spam. Thanks to alll Sue from Luxembourg
  13. Thanks to Linda and Peggy for their insight. I too would prefer extra-wide backing, but I was unable to find any here (Luxembourg) to match the quilt. So I'm obliged to piece. I can understand the logic of piecing vertically (Linda's advice) because of the borders and piecing of a quilt; as well as piecing horizontally (Peggy's advice) because of the eventual distortion as the quilt is backed up on to the back roller. I think I will measure the placement of the major piecing elements and try and cut the strips so that when sewn together they will not match up with the piecing. Does that make sense? Thanks to all for their advice and opinions - it's wonderful to have this forum! Sue
  14. My backing has to be 102" square. My material is standard 42" wide (I have 8.5 yds). Do I prepare strips to be sewn vertically or horizontally? Either way, do I prepare the strips the same size (approx 35" each) or do I cut 2 big and 1 smaller for the middle? The quilt has 12" blocks (5 x 5) with sashing and then 2 borders, total finished width will be 90". This will be my first quilt on my Millie after alot of PPP. Would appreciate some help! Thanks to all. Sue