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  1. Ooooooh! Love how you designed that pattern to fit the design. I just love Karen's quilts. I have the EQ pattern for that one. Some day! This is going in my favorites. Beautiful job.
  2. Hi Dori, I hope this works out for you, it is wonderful! And, I don't know if this would suit you or not, but I do monovision, and the lens I wear is a bifocal lens. That way, i can see fine up close w my uncorrected eye, and the corrected eye covers the middle and far distance. This has worked great for me for several years. I think you will know after a week or so whether it would be comfortable for you. Someone described it as "climbing the stairs standing still"! I knew in about 3 days that I would be fine. Good luck, and et us know how it goes. They should be able to give you one len
  3. Wow, beautiful work! This is going in my favorites.
  4. Sending good thoughts and prayers up for you, Rita. Pam
  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots, Shana. I had never really understood what the Northern Lights were until I saw photos that you posted maybe a few years ago. I think your husband might have taken them. They made a huge impression on me, just gorgeous!
  6. I like your idea of turning some of he cones "upside down" to make more room. My SoFine and Superior threads fit side by side, but the Glide is wider and I have a hard time keeping it on the spindles. If I alternate like you did, it will give me more room.
  7. I stand, on a gel Chef's mat that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's about 6 feet or so long, and I try to wear shoes with good support. I've been looking at rolling saddle stools to use for some custom work where I am staying in one place, quilting a dense fill. Dick Blick has one that is reasonably priced, I think it was around $50.
  8. Beautiful work, Linda! Your friend is going to love it. I am so wanting an IQ, living vicariously through you for now.
  9. Wow! Gorgeous. I am ordering the book right now! Thanks for recommending it.
  10. Thanks for sharing this, I think a lot of us can relate to the need to make some positive changes, and this seems to be the time of year to do it. Take good care of yourself, and I hope you are back to full speed soon!