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  1. Lisa- Thank you for posting this correctly. I haven't done this enough to know what I am doing, but I do know Kristina has a lot of friends on this forum and I appreciate your help. I am very worried about seeing this little guy, but Kristina is a strong gal, and I'll be around to help her when they get home. Thanks again -Pat Bernd-Honeyquilter
  2. Hi everyone-I haven't been on for awhile-but I felt I needed to write to the forum and let everyone know that Kristina (sagebrush quilter) or frogger has a young son that is very ill. They took him to Salt Lake City tonight by Life Flight. I went out to the hospital to see her and of course she was upset , but the pilot was going to let her fly with him and her husband and children will go tomorrow. He is being diagnosed as a diabetic and looks pretty bad. This has come on in just the last week. Kristina and I live in the same town and it is very small and 254 miles from any major city.
  3. What a beautiful quilt! I hope to be that good someday maybe in 4 or 5 years if I keep practicing. You are talented and I'm sorry to hear you have been having problems with family, I just lost my mom in august and it was very hard on me since I am the only member of my family that does not still live in Texas. Hope your evening is peaceful.
  4. The people who take those pictures at the DMV I'm sure were trained by all those people who arrest people and get their mugshots ready for their arrest file. That is the only reason the pictures would come out that way. We have some nice people working at our DMV and they would never make you look that way on purpose. That's what I tell myself anyway. Hope all is well with all of you talented ladies out there, I am about to have my 7th grandchild in March and I have been sewing and quilting up a storm for this little guy. Have a nice evening.
  5. Hi Bobbi-what a great lady you must be to take on this project. The quilt is so very bright and colorful, I bet she was happy when she was putting that quilt together. I see my friend Carla when I look at your quilt, because she loves, loves, loves, orange and that quilt she would love. Good luck on your project and I hope your whole family appreciates what you are doing. Good night- honeyquilter-Pat
  6. Kristina-shame,shame, on you for not telling me you were hurt when we talked on the phone-I would have come over to help you-sorry I was busy today and did not get back to you. Call me tomorrow. I am going to have to get back with that quilt I am trying to finish and someday real soon I am going to have to clean house, but that might have to wait until I get some spring heat in my body. Hope you are feeling better. I wanted to ask someone about Myrna Ficken's post where she said there was thread she had for sale (6 packs) on special, if you see something on sale here how do you purchase i
  7. Hey Sheryl- I have had my machine up and running just a little longer than you and I have mastered just about nothing yet, but Kristina is a big help to me. Since I am a retired school teacher I believe completely in practice, practice, practice ,so I have lots of quilts ready to practice on. These ladies will help us and one day we can post a beautiful quilt on this site. I sure hope that old saying "can't teach an old dog new tricks" isn't true or I'm in big trouble. bye the way if your on the line Kristina, have a nice evening. bye everyone--honeyquilter-Pat
  8. Hi everyone this is my first experience at being on a forum, haven't had my Milly very long but am learning a little bit especially with the help of Kristina (frogger) and I just wanted to say I did not like the half time show for the super bowl, but I'm sure many, many people did. I sure as I go I will have lots of questions for ya'll to help me with. Everyone have a nice evening. Honeyquilter--Pat
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