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  1. I am intersed in these. Are the still available? Kim
  2. Hi All - I saw this and immediately thought of quilting designs http://news.yahoo.com/photos/spectacular-sand-sculptures-1331581710-slideshow/sand-sculptures-photo-1331581322.html More can be seen at: http://www.andresamadorarts.com/
  3. Hi AL _ I am trying to find a post about snow dyeing. The finished products were just beautiful The fabric actually had a design on it that was created by the way the fabric was tied prior to dyeing. A tutorial was supplied as well in another post. Thanks in advance for the help Kim
  4. Hi All - I have been looking for the blog/post that has the instructions to make a tote out of emptied dog food bags. The was a tutorial on a site and I have seen it often and probably have it book marked. thanks in advance for any help Kim
  5. I love the quilt and the magazine is readily available. Please don't FAX copies or request copies as it is in violation of copy write laws. Kim
  6. Hi All - I know I saw a posting for them but for the life of me I can't find it now. I am looking for the quilt clamps that are made of vacuum tubing (hard). I have been waiting for DH to make them but they are low on his list and high on mine, so I want to purchase them Any help would be appreciated Kim
  7. Find a rep page? Where would this page be located? I have looked on the IQ site and don't see that. Perhaps I am too dumb to own the system;)
  8. Hi - I have been trying to locate a northern california rep so that I can place my order. I had lots of information from Quilt mart but for the life of me I can't find the information Kim
  9. HI - I am looking for a used Circle lord Thanks Kim
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