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  1. Hahaha. I answered the door once with a neck brace on, a neck travel pillow on, and one shoe. I was a mess! The delivery man gave me a funny look. The braces and pillow were to support my head while sewing, and I took off my right shoe so I could push on the peddle barefoot for more control. How embarrassing!!!!!
  2. I would not quilt on them. They look so cute the way they are.
  3. Your dogs are smart! My little tiny dog is a couch potato and home body. She was a rescue and is very shy. I am her whole life. I took her on mother's day to my daughters and different people held her, and I even took her in the pool! I was proud of her for stretching her boundaries. She loves my 7 year old granddaughter and even lets her dress her in little outfits!! lol Everytime I try to get busy sewing, one of my cats pukes on the floor, somebody comes over, or the phone rings. It never fails!!
  4. I feel for you. I cannot help you with this one because me life is so different from yours. I am on disability, and my time, and what I am doing, is totally based on how much pain I am in. On good days, I sew, on bad days, I do handwork or watch tv. It is as simple as that. Could you set a certain number of hours per week, a certain schedule made to fit in after your job, that is dedicated to your business and nothing else?
  5. Holy Moly, times have changed! That is tooo funny! I would never get anything done! My sewing room is trashed right now, too.
  6. LOL, the feet are soooo cute! Love the colors in this fun quilt!
  7. Could you make a row or 2 of hand stitching just inside the yo yo so it would not be seen? Or you could hand stitch around the outer edges of the yo yo with tiny invisible stitches, such as you would do with needle-turn applique.
  8. Yeah, I agree, one inch. The blocks are kind of small. It is a challenge for me, but is fun. My daughter and I have to go pick out the border, backing, and binding fabric. We are going to let my granddaughter be a big part of the design process. Thanks to all the advice I have gotten on this forum, I think I am up to the challenge. lol BTW, you mean one inch AFTER seam allowances, right?
  9. Debbie, I feel the same way. I like to try things for myself before I try them for others. It makes me feel better. Now perhaps you have some time to think about it and experiment a little before she has the money to do it! I understand the unexpected pet bills. One of my cats is a diabetic now and we have to buy insulin, needles, test strips, etc. It is a bit expensive, but I sure love my cat!
  10. I am making a sort of t shirt quilt, but it is with my granddaughter's stretchy baby clothes. I am stabilizing each little piece of fabric and cutting out 5 inch squares. I wanted to use sashing to stabilize it further, but I am wondering if the small squares will look good with sashing. Do you guys think it will look okay to use narrow sashing on these small squares? What width would you suggest? Thank you. This is my first quilt of this type.
  11. That is sooo great! Glad it worked for you. It is great when a grown son will help with your stuff. I am trying to get my son and husband to cut a hole in my old sewing table so I can drop my machine down onto a shelf, and then it will be level with the table. I hope they will do it soon!
  12. Thank you! Yes, happy mother's day to all mom's. We deserve to have a relaxing and fun day! I will be sitting at my daughter's house with my kids and grandkids. She recently put in a pool and we are going to enjoy it today!
  13. I press mine to one side and don't worry about the lump either. But my quilts are for me or family, not for show. They don't notice or care at all.
  14. Almost hate to bring up this painful topic again, but I wanted to sort of close it by saying that I am doing better. It took about 2 weeks after I ended PT for my neck to stop spasming. I had to stop going there. I am now back to my "normal" pain level, and although that is not too good, it is better, and I was able to do a little sewing the other day. I want to thank you for all your caring responses and ideas. I am looking into meditation, and some other things you all have suggested. I am also looking into LED light stim, a home model that is similar to what is used in doctor's offic
  15. Holy cow! It will be interesting to see if any of them sell! I am assuming it was hand pieced and hand quilted?
  16. That is unbelievable! I would not take the bid! Ridiculous! Keep it for next year, or for yourself!
  17. Wow, I think you did a fantastic job! I can only hope to get this good in the future!
  18. Wow, so sorry this has happened to you! I agree with others that it sounds like they are USING you! I think leaving was the right decision. Once I got a job at a veterinary hospital. I was in the middle of vet tech college and they said I could do my internship there. At the end of the summer, they just dumped me. I was pretty upset. I found out later that they do that every summer to veterinarians as well as technicians. They give them a job that appears permanent, then after the summer, when things slow down, they tell you your work is great, but they don't need you anymore.
  19. I cannot help because I have a sit down model, and am a newbie, but I would love to see pictures of this when you are done!! I am sure you will get much good advice from this crowd!!