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  1. That is adorable! Owls are just so cute, not matter where you put them. I agree with others, the zig zags really make it special. And I love the colors!
  2. Hi, Janalyn. I read your post and I was chuckling a bit because if someone did not know that you were talking about a sewing machine, it sounds a little racey!! lol Welcome to the forum. I have a Babylock Tiara, not a George, but I love it, too.
  3. Holy moly! That sounds like tons of work. I don't think you could charge enough for all that. That just seems ridiculous that someone would even expect you to do all that. They should hang their hats up on the wall!!
  4. As a newbie myself, I think that I would be very happy to get any input from an experienced quilter. I would listen to everything you would say and suck in the information! Isn't that how we share our skills with others? That is why I am on this forum. I think maybe you could watch them and if they are eagerly listening to you, keep talking. If they look like they have stopped listening, I would just tell them the minimum. Perhaps you could ask them if they have any questions. It sounds like a rather touchy situation, but as for me, I would want to learn as much as possible.
  5. Linda, this may be a dumb question but how would you make a triangle for piecing, if not a square whacked in half? Yes, I am a newbie.
  6. Just wanted to say that that quilt is just gorgeous. LOVE your stitching. Is that applique hand done, needle turn applique?
  7. This is interesting. I did not know that you could use a pantograph in this way. Cool! I do better with a line to follow also.
  8. That birth announcement is sooo cute! So how is George doing? I have a Tiara and love it a lot.
  9. Linda, this may be a really dumb question, but how can you leave off the logos if they are already part of the hat? Aren't they already stitched onto the hats? I have never done anything like that and I am a bit confused.
  10. Are your power cord strips serge protectors? If not, where do you put your serge protector?
  11. I was in bad pain again today. Another day of watching tv! So frustrating! Sylvia, you are right, we should speak up. I was reluctant to change pain doctors because then they label you a dr. shopper. But now I can call the new dr. and tell them that my primary care doctor referred me. That should help me get in. I am on medicare, because I am on disability, and am on Tricare for Life. They should pay it all so I am not worried about that, just not sure what to do yet. Not sure I want to go the "pain dr." route again. I may not have a choice. I do take my husband with me because male
  12. Yes, indeed! I agree you should put a higher price on it for sure! All that time and talent, hand crafted, definitely more!! I would be upset that they did not bother to let you know about it when you were slaving away on yours for them.
  13. Sylvia, I am sorry you have had to put your big girl panties on. lol Sometimes it is really tough and we have to do it anyway! I wish you luck. Let us know what happens. Do they give you anything to relax or tranquilize you for these injections, such as valium?
  14. Heidi, thanks, you are right. I told the pain dr. PT was bad for me in the past, but he did not believe me. My bad for letting people talk me into it again. Just by coincidence I had a yearly appt. with my primary dr. on Monday. It was difficult to go, but my husband took me. I had a talk with him about it all. He gave me muscle relaxants to get thru this bad time and wants me to go to a neurosurgeon for one last opinion. He is also giving me the name of a more compassionate pain dr. should I go that route again. His "nurses" told me they would call me Mon. afternoon with all this in
  15. Thanks everyone for all of your responses. I am still really suffering. I took a little Vicodin yesterday out of desperation and got quite ill from it. Just doubled my problems. I also had some weird nightmares! I was afraid to take anything today except one muscle relaxant. Just sat on the couch all day. I fell asleep this afternoon and had another nightmare where I was falling off of a cliff and woke up yelling! How strange! All I can do right now is make sure my pets are fed and clean. My husband is doing everything. He encouraged me to try PT one last time, and I am sure he r
  16. Lynn, what kind of shots are you considering? I can't wait until marijuana is legal in my state. Then I may try it. I will still be in pain, but I probably won't care! hahaha. Then the pain docs will be sorry they treated us so badly!!
  17. Heidi, I am a bit confused by your comment because the pain docs I have been to do nothing but meds, injections, and PT. They have no way to fix it. They are the last resort when there is no fix, just attempted pain relief. Anyway, that has been my understanding. They have never offered me a way to fix anything. One did send me to a surgeon, who sent me for the myelogram, that was botched. I will NEVER do that again. It was horrible and left me hysterical and afraid of needles in my neck and back. When I tell the pain doc this, he just thinks I am crazy. My back hurt for WEEKS after
  18. Thank you. I did try acupuncture, but lying face down on the table was torture. They dimmed the lights and left the room. I was left there, and after a while, started calling for help. lol No one could hear me! I am not sure if I should go back and try again because my insurance does not cover it. Has it helped you, or anyone you know? I just felt a warm sensation, as if perhaps the blood flow was heavier in that area. I think I have tried everything but a Mongolian shaman.
  19. So some of you ARE just living with it! I have gotten on some pain forums and I see that I am not the only one being treated this way, and that I am not the only one who is hurting, and the doctors can't help. Thank you for taking the time to talk to and encourage me. When I go to PT on Tues. I am going to talk to them all about this again, and NOT do any exercises. No massage this time either. It hurts too much!! BTW, my arms don't hurt, it just hurts my neck and shoulders to hold them up, and it hurts my neck to look slightly down at whatever I am working on.
  20. Thanks everyone! I will stay away from broadcloth. I can find Kona cotton in my area, though the color selection is limited. I use the white to embroider things on. I would love to go to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and meet Jenny. Someday I will! Imperial is about 30 minutes south of St. Louis. And thanks for the "charity quilt" info.
  21. Looks beautiful to me! Nice work, and so cute!
  22. Congrats, she looks beautiful! What fun! Looks like you have a really nice big sewing space, too.