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  1. I know this is off topic but I just need to vent and talk to someone. I am going to PT for my chronic neck pain, starting week 8 now, and it is just KILLING me. I am in much more pain than I was before. I have done this before and I told the pain dr. it did not help, but of course he did not believe me. He was pressuring me to get PT or injections, and my husband asked me to try it again, so I did. We are now at the, "gee, I don't understand why this is not helping you," phase. We always get to this phase. I went Fri. morning and had massage, heat, e-stim, etc. and did about 12 gentle n
  2. I went to Facebook and saw about 3 complaints total. I hope they finally contact you and resolve it.
  3. I am a member there and have not had any problems, but I have never had to cancel. I pay for the year. I have read that you should NEVER use a debit card to pay for anything online. Always use a credit card so no one has access to your bank account. Using Facebook to contact them is a great idea. That should get their attention because of the bad publicity! I hope you guys can get your money back!! Bad business, for sure. BTW, sometimes if you use Google Chrome, instead of Microsoft Explorer, you will get better video access, don't know why, but it works better on Craftsy, too. A Dell
  4. How do you all feel about broadcloth for quilts? It is inexpensive and seems sturdy, does it hold up, or is this a no-no? Also, when you guys do charity quilts, do you keep track of what it cost you and claim it on your taxes? Just curious. Thanks
  5. I am no expert, but I agree that I would let her do it so you are not responsible for anything that may happen.
  6. I had posted before about a wooden tool box my son was going to throw away. I painted it white, and since it is so long, I put it behind my sewing machine, near my Tiara, and keep my rulers in it. It has a little shallow shelf, for small things, and a deep one good for wide and long rulers. I love it and find it handy. I am going to try to post a picture of it here, as well as a crazy quilt pillow I made, using examples from the book by Brian Haggard, called, "Crazy Quilted Memories." I started with an embroidered design instead of a photo. He uses vintage photos for his and I am going t
  7. Oh, Joan, that is a very pretty quilt! Nice work! As a newbie I cannot answer you question, just wanted to say how much I like it!
  8. Tink, don't let your husband see what you have spent on it or you will both have a heart attack! lol Anyway, are you sure you can live without it? BTW, you sure have pretty hair!
  9. I have been messing around with crazy quilting. My question is this: If you are going to embellish a seam in the quilt with a ribbon like trim, do you sew it on BEFORE you sew on the adjoining pieces? Therefore the ends of the trim are sewn into the seams on the sides. This makes the seams thick. Is this a problem? If I sew the trim onto the seams AFTER the piece is made, then I have to deal with the raw ends of the trim, which, if folded over and sewn on, make a big lump. Just not sure how to do this. I hope this makes sense. Any advice appreciated! Thanks all. Been having to do
  10. Too funny! She deserves the wife of the year award, and a beer!
  11. Congrats, I would be excited, too! You are going to have lots of fun!
  12. I would agree that an extra large bag would be in order! I remember when I was potty training my youngest. Whenever he used the potty, his brothers and sister and friends would get a couple of M &M's. They constantly encouraged him to use it and training went very well! lol
  13. Tina, I love your project, your use of lace, buttons, trim, even a hook and eye! It is beautiful, inventive, creative!! I am making a pillow cover for my first try. I started with an machine embroidered vintage flower cart full of flowers. Yesterday I pieced the crazy pieces all around. Today I am adding hand emb. and buttons, etc. My hand emb. looks really looks like it is done by a beginner, but that is okay. It is really fun. Did you sew on the lace, sewing it into the surrounding seams? Did this make your seams too thick? How did you print the words, such as, "Mother," on the rib
  14. I have been wondering about, and looking for these pens. I thank you all for this info as now I will be more careful with them, if I ever find them! lol
  15. Oh, that is sooo beautiful! Love the edges and applique! I can only dream of doing work like that someday!
  16. Have any of you seen the book by the above author and title? This guy makes beautiful vintage looking crazy quilts. He starts with a vintage photo copied on fabric, then crazy quilts around it, ages the fabrics, and uses vintage looking trims, buttons, hand embroidery, silk ribbon, etc. They are gorgeous! He has really inspired me to try new things and has reminded me that there are no quilt police and no rules! I am going to try it, starting with a vintage looking emb. design instead of a photo this time. He is also a guest star on episode 1106 on, "The Quilt Show," with Ricky Timms, b
  17. Oh, how pretty! I am so waiting for spring! My little dog and I want to take walks around the neighborhood. Also getting that "spring cleaning" feeling. Want to start going thru closets and drawers and getting rid of excess stuff. Been cleaning up my sewing room too, and decorating a bit.
  18. Jim, I have a Happy 12 needle, too. Have you tried the tension gauge Texmac sells? It is very inexpensive and is made for the Happy.
  19. I think she wants borders on the quilt, but she did not want sashing. I think she was trying to make it easier for me. I am going to tell her that sashing is probably a good idea for stabilization. Sylvia, I hope you solve your computer problem.
  20. I have read that there is a natural product you can take to keep shingles from reoccurring once you have had it. I think it was lysine, but not sure. Of course, Dave may have an opinion on this! lol It would not hurt to research this a bit. If I can find it I will post it here, and everyone can try at their own choice and risk!
  21. Rita, I am glad things seem to be on an upswing and you are starting to feel a bit better. I have to nudge my husband sometimes to make calls, too. He doesn't like to make calls! I hope things continue to improve. Hang in there.
  22. Hey Meg, I noticed your quote by Mother Teresa. Have you read the book about her by Christopher Hitchens? It is called, "Mother Teresa, the Missionary Position." It is a great, factual, tho irreverent book about her. Very interesting. And it is TRUE!! You can also watch the documentary on Youtube by the same name. Christopher Hitchens was a brilliant British journalist who died a few years ago.