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  1. Thank you everyone for your help and Dawn for the links to the video / info sheet they were extremely helpful. I have found that 1 of the encoder wheels is heaps looseer that the other,although it still makes contact. So I am thinking I will tighten up the one that is a lot looser and see if this helps. I will let you all know how I get on. Many thanks Leisel
  2. Please help.... so I think it is my stitch regultor, I am just doing an all over stipple stitching away(stitch regulator on) and then the machine will almost stop and do really big stitches and then the next minute it will be racing to the point that the thread has broken. It feels a little bit like I am fighting with the machine .......I have cleaned everything. I have turned the machine on and off..I just don't know what to do? ??? Many thanks for any help.
  3. Thank-you Vickie:) Changed it to 300 as well....Happy !!!
  4. How come when I click to go to page 2 of any topic, it just takes me to the top of page 1????
  5. Hi all, I,m doing 154,161,274,225,336 and 364. Very excited!!! We are driving over arriving Friday, would love to meet up for coffee- breaky or pizza ?
  6. Thankyou for the Link Sue:) Thanks Mark and Judy OK have checked stitches in manual mode and is hard to tell but think it is skipping stitches. So have cleaned everything oiled and put a new needle in (no. 4.0). The needle and scarf position look right being in the lower 1/3 and kissing the needle, don't know if to much as it looks like the needle is being pushed and when I turn the flywheel I can feel it pushing the needle. There is a very little bit of play in the Hook Collar could this be causing the problem???? Many Thanks Leisel
  7. Hi Judy, Ok I have tried this and I can move the machine on the carriage with a little pressure have to push hard to slow it down. I tried the same with the other encoder and not as easy to move. Many thanks Leisel
  8. Sue, I don,t get the news letter. Where would I sign up for this???? Many thanks
  9. Thankyou so much for your help Judy and Sue. Ok so checked that both wheels are on the table the same point. I did another test sample with diagonal stitching and all stitches are the same size. Side to side stitches are bigger but all the same length. When I stitch back to front or front to back I get some small then a few big stitches... When I looked at where the wheel and the encoder wheel meet the space where I can see light is twice as big on the machine than the carriage... I thinking I will need to change these encoder wheels ..... little bit worried!!! Has anyone done this????
  10. I am having a problem with with my front to back stitch. I have cleaned all the wheels and the black encoded wheels as well. I have also loosen the gold bolt and pushed the encoder wheel and machine wheels together as far as they will go but I can still see light through where the two wheels meet on both the machine and carriage. The encoder wheels look a little worn on the top outer edge. I own a pre-loved 2007 Millie which I have had for just over a year. Should I see any light where the wheels meet? Is there anything else I should be trying? If I need to change the encoded wheels is this hard to do and would this be a good time to change my machine wheels to M&M wheels? Many thanks Leisel
  11. Yes I,m going not sure what day yet. I was thinking the same thing;) love to catch up:) Happy to help organise a get together.
  12. Hey Judy, Lovely to meet you too!!! If you are ever coming up my way feel free to drop in.