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  1. Why does my needle continue to go up and down for several seconds after I press the up/down button? Sometimes it will only do it once-which is what I need, but mostly it continues for several times. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hey Patty, After panic mode I got the thread out, I'm gonna put the WD40 on now and follow your instructions. Thanks a million, Stephanie
  3. Something happened when I turned on my longarm, needle went down and thread seems to have gotten caught up in the bobbin casing (not the bobbin, I took that out). The needle is now in the up posistion, bobbin out, but the I can't lower the needle and I can't figure how to get the remaing bits of thread out of the casing. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. For several days I've been waiting on my longarm to arrive and I've had one song going over and over in my head...the Well's Fargo song from "Music Man". It came just a little while ago and now I'm singing "Signed, sealed, delivered" by Stevie Wonder. What a great day!!!
  5. Hi Patty, I enjoyed myself so much. It was good to be there and to meet you guys. Thanks for the reply. That helps a great deal. Stephanie
  6. Should have my APQS Milli by next Wednesday!!! Yea! Ok, folks, here is where I need help today. When I supply the batting and backing how much mark up do I put on the goods? Any suggestions? Stephanie Stitch Garden Designs LLC
  7. I just want to say "THANKYOU!!!" to everyone answering my questions on having a longarm business. I like to gather as much information as I can from experienced sources before I jump into anything. Hopefully, it produces a wiser decision on my part. So here is my next topic...Legalzoom vs. attorney to apply for my LLC status? Any comments? Suggestions? Obviously I want to keep my start up low, but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot either. Thanks, Stephanie Childers
  8. Ok- of those that have small longarm businesses, do you have websites? Of those that do, how much business does your website bring in? Thanks for helping me out with this information, I'm weighting the costs for my business. Stephanie Childers
  9. thank you all for your help, you guys are awesome. my biggies are 1. customer service 2. made in USA and 3. warranty. i have test driven some and narrowed it down to these 2 companies. i'm a researcher so i don't have a problem taking my time in deciding. being a navy vet that worked with helocopters i'm also impressed that the apqs is made of aircraft alluminum. thanks again for all your responses.
  10. I am looking at purchasing a longarm for a small in home business. I'm looking at Gammill and APQS. Could someone offer some pros and cons on the two machines? Also, any thoughts on the Statler stitcher vs. Compuquilt vs. Intelliquilt? And last but not least, any thoughts on the various accounting softwares for longarm businesses? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.