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  1. Selling 20 gently used pantos. $180 + Large flat rate box shipping. Will accept paypal. Patricia Ritter- 13" Wholelotta Feathers Barbara Becker - 13" Drunken Feathers Iris's Quilt Garden - 14" Thai Euphorbia Patricia Ritter - 10" Indian Summer Patricia Ritter - 13" Harvest Winds Golden Threads - 13" Damask Rose Barbara Becker - 9" Zoidberg Feathers Golden Threads - 15" (Double Row) Whatever- Large Sew-Phie Quilts - 12" Windy Stars Karlee Porter- 9" Patriot Patricia Ritter - 11" Tumbling Teddy Bears (new in wrapper) Kathie James- 13" Chocolate Swirl Feather Patricia Ritter - 8" (double row) Sparkle Creative Sisters - 7" Laurie Patricia Ritter - 8" Sweet Pea Jessica Schick - 9" Modern Lace Patricia Ritter - 10" Mountain Laurel Nancy Read- 8" Interlocking Holly Ribbon Patricia Ritter - 11" Fanfare Grand Jessica Schick - 7" (double row) EZ Lacey Loops PM me or email us009734@verizon.net if interested. Kim L.
  2. Just saw this Heidi. (I haven't been on the forum in a long time.) Prayers for Madison!
  3. Amazing quilting on all of them! Love the red one- how pretty and the quilting is gorgeous.
  4. Congratulations Dell!!! QP is too much fun.
  5. Hi Georgene! Thank you so much for posting this. I can hardly wait to try it.
  6. There is an option to change/fix that. I can't remember if it's under Options or another place that Cabin Logic changed in mine. Maybe Dawn knows or I know that Marie at Cabin Logic knows.
  7. Oh how pretty Libby! Love the flag one and you know I love your feathers.
  8. I wear Crocs too although I prefer to be barefoot. My back started bothering me on long days and the Crocs seems to help.
  9. Thank you Rita! That was very nice of you to type up the list. I copied it and will start looking through the sites I didn't know about. Oh boy, more fun!
  10. Vicki- nothing wrong with old fashioned way- can't part with the CL just some of the boards. Tonilyn, will let you know.
  11. I wanted to let everyone know about a great site I found for digital patterns. I don't recall or maybe I missed seeing this one mentioned before. Since I only got Quilt Path the end of November, it's too fun shopping for digital patterns. I've shopped on all the sites I saw in the forum. I ran across this and really liked the patterns- they sew out great. I've bought several as one can never have too many patterns- LOL. Check out www.mycreativestitches.net. Each month they have new $5 pantos which is a great way for me to build up my files. I signed up for the newsletter and they have had some good sales. Just thought I would let you know. I'm having too much fun replacing my paper pantos which I intend to sell in the next month or so. And I will probably sell most of my CL boards too.
  12. Update, I called Cabin Logic and got a very nice lady. She changed some options in my QP and now all seems OK and that's with the hub back in. I had taken it out and it didn't help. Still got random stopping. As it turns out in the options there is a needle sensing, thread sensing and power sensing option. If your machine has that capability they should be checked but if it doesn't (my Millie is 2009), having those checked can cause a myriad of problems. I unchecked them and so far, so good- no more problems at least in block patterns. We also changed some settings setting in Windows for USB timeout and in QP for the interface time out. Dawn, Chris called me but by that time I had talked to Marie. He asked me to call him back and let him know if everything was resolved which I will do next week after more sewing.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion! I will try that tomorrow and hopefully that will solve the issue.
  14. Hi Karen, I didn't have these problems before I upgraded. Yes, I optimized it to have the checks for breaks on. I should have left it alone and lived with the other problems...sigh.. Now I'm in the middle of a quilt that has a deadline and can't get through the 3rd row. Took me 3 hours to get through 2 rows... bigger sigh... My rep moved out of the area so I don't have one nearby unfortunately. I'll have to call tomorrow when I get home and see if Dawn or Cabin Logic can help. I thought maybe it was happening to someone else.
  15. Has anyone upgraded to 3.05.05 and had more trouble than with the previous version? (I had all the problems previously discussed in earlier versions) I upgraded today both the software (and the firmware that it said was highly recommended). Now when sewing a pantograph row, it just randomly stops. I can't release the carriage and have to turn everything off, reboot and start over. It may or may not stop in the same place across the row. It happens when tracing too. I also have gotten the USB connection is lost- check the cables/power. Everything is plugged in and nothing is loose. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any advice or know how to solve this? Thanks in advance.
  16. I have 3.05.04 and when I tried to download the upgrade, it timed out about 70% through...sigh!.. I didn't have time to work with it again but intend to when I get some time.