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  1. Thanks Barb! I will try again. I saw that about the free shipping but didn't mind paying it and it still wouldn't let me submit my order. I will try again or call them in the morning.
  2. Do I really have to place a min. order of $75.00 to buy Magna glide bobbins? I only quilt for myself. One bulk box of 100 would probably last me my entire life. I really don't need 200 to get a min. order. Is this the only way that I can order?
  3. Oh my Gosh! They are Clear Glide Bobbins. I don't even know where I got them. I think they were free samples. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm on my way to change my bobbin right now. Thanks Barb!
  4. What is causing my thread to have raised stitches on the top? I have So Fine thread in the top and clear glide bobbin in the bottom. It will stitch 10 to 12 stitches that look great and then the next 5 will be raised. I have tried everything with top and bottom tension. What am I missing? I had this issue once before with Lava thread from Superior but haven't had it with So Fine. I was consistently using Metro with no problems. Janet
  5. I vote for Gatlinburg TN in the Smokey Mountains. They have Dollywood, and the waterpark, horseback riding, white water rafting etc. Lots of shops. It's a huge tourist attraction. We live in Indiana and met with all of our East Coast relatives there. They loved it so much they can't wait to go back. We rented our cabin through Majestic Mountain Vacations and loved it. They area is just breath taking.
  6. I just bought a Kenmore computerized machine today for $233. It is the same as the Janome DC2010 and DC2011. Kenmore is made by Janome and this machine gets rave reviews for nearly $200 cheaper.
  7. I'm sure that there are tons of people on the Quilters Board Forum who can help you. They are talking about sewing machines all of the time. You can also do a search. It's my second favorite forum.
  8. I want to be a Moxie too!! What does Moxie stand for?
  9. AWWWW! Thanks, I'll just keep dreaming then!
  10. Okay, I just read that you can do a Bliss upgrade for $1000 on the APQS Daily News thingy that gets emailed to me. Is that for people who buy one of those Demo machines or can everyone do it for that price? Just Dreaming!!!!
  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that the big spools are on Sale for $2.25. Can't wait to get my order. Janet
  12. What am I missing about Martelli? Why should we run from them? Their product looked really neat on the You Tube video that Matt Posted. This is actually the first time that I have about their company so I wouldn't know about any problems.
  13. Look what I found at a Quilt Show this weekend! I thought this little guy was adorable and I had to add him to my collection of pin cushions. Just wanted to share, in case there are any other pin cushion "junkies" out there. He was $15.00 and there is a discount if you buy two. They even have names like the Cabbage Patch Dolls. They are at: www.chic-n-stix.com
  14. Heidi, Please let me know if you received my last message. It keeps saying error after I have sent it. Thanks Janet