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  1. Thanks for the replies thus far. Has anyone used a Dremel tool to cut out enough of the original foot for better viewing of the work area? I had my husband do this on one of my Bernina feet to "convert" it to an open toe, but that foot was not as heavy and thick as the original George foot. If anyone has tried this, could you briefly explain the difficulty in doing so and perhaps post a photo of the "after" appearance. Thanks again. Laura in OH
  2. I haven't been on the forum for ages but decided to check in and see what's up. Back in November there was a lady selling her 2006 George; the quoted price to include closed toe, open toe and high profile interchangeable feet. I was under the impression that the interchangeable feet were only available on the newer models or if George were returned to the factory for an open toe foot to be installed. Could someone give me the skinny on interchangeable feet for George and how does one go about changing the feet if that is an option. I'd love to have both the open-toe and high profile (f
  3. Thanks, Nancy. Can you tell me (or direct me to some explanation on this site) how difficult it is to retrofit George with interchangeable feet? I know on my DSM I had dh cut a slot in the darning foot with a Dremel tool for better visibility. So far he's been my George repairman, too, because I am a chicken. Is this something the average person with a modicum of bravery could undertake or is this a "do not try this at home" sort of adventure? Laura in OH
  4. Thanks, Dawn. I did try to get the longarm/directional concept in my mind while reading the article, but your explanation was much more helpful than the author's. But then he doesn't know George like you do. I did do some experimenting yesterday afternoon and got some pretty good results (Sew Fine in both top and pre-wound Sew Fine in bobbin). I refuse to give up on love. ) Next project has some more challenging thread so you just may be hearing from me in the not-too-distant future. Again, thank you for your clear and concise descriptive reply. I'll get it going on one of these day
  5. Does the Halo fit under George's foot? Ii've had problems with some hoops being too thick to slide under the foot.
  6. I may be confusing myself unnecessarily, but I recently read an article in Machine Quilting Unlimited (May/June 2012) written by Todd Fletcher. The article was interesting on many levels but as I was reading it, he explained the reason that the flatlining problem is more prevelant when quilting in a right-to-left direction or away from yourself on machines with a rotary hook assembly. George's manual advises us to plan quilting so that you can generally follow the "right to left, away from you" guidelines when possible. This seems to be contrary to Mr. Fletcher's advice. Does anyone hav
  7. Always great to get such useful and informative feedback. Thank you all for your input.
  8. I was reading recently about the praises of MagnaGlide bobbins (also said they have tiny magnets that prevent bobbin backlash). I was curious whether a bobbin with a tiny magnet would adversely affect George and, if not, whether anyone had tried these in George. Also, any users of Glide thread in George? Pros or cons? Thanks!
  9. The Saral Paper site offers small samples (how small???) of all five colors inside their brochure; requests need a stamped SAE. My request is in the mailbox with the red flag up. :-)
  10. Mrs. A~ Thank you for the tip. According to the saral paper website, it does wash out of fabric. I think I will, indeed, give it a try. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  11. I was thinking the other day, wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of tracing paper similar to the old carbon kind they sold for use with a tracing wheel to mark darts? We could just put the paper between any design and the quilt top, trace away with our little pizza-style wheel then have the design marked nice and tidy with no muss, no fuss till we were finished and the quilt was eventually washed. Ah yes, that's my wish. (Of course, if my wish has already been granted, please be sure and let me know so I can run out and get what I need to begin!!!) Laura in OH Laura in OH
  12. Very helpful tips, Linda(s). I think I'll roll the dice and give it a try. Good project for the new year. Best wishes, Laura
  13. I've seen mention of the use of the subject tension gauge in these forums, but haven't found a topic focused on its use. Does this gauge work for George? If so and anyone owns one, do you think it's worth the investment? Tension seems to be my nemesis, so if this gadget makes a difference when using George, I'd be interested in hearing about how you've used it and whether you're experience has been good, bad or indifferent. Thanks and Happy New Year, Laura in OH
  14. Thanks, Heidi and Debbie; I'll keep plugging along. George is much like the little girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead...when he's good, he's very, very good; but when he's bad, he's horrid! I appreciate your help and experienced insight. Laura in OH
  15. I really feel for Alyce. This weekend I was trying to finish up some quilting on a Christmas gift with King Tut above and Sew Fine below (which has actually worked perfectly in the past...but not yesterday). My thread issue was breakage on the King Tut in the needle, not the bird's nest...this week, that is. Cleaned the bobbin case, changed the needle, no luck. The 10 o'clock to 8 o'clock in the tension check spring was as it was "supposed to be". I adjusted the needle tension, no luck; returned the needle tension to what is was before, no luck; adjusted the bobbin tension, no luck; retu
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