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  1. The fleece fabrics have been sold. Thank you! Nancy
  2. Gwen, The Shells and Diamonds Template and Oval set are still looking for a good home! Sorry about the delayed reply - a spring cold has become a close friend! Nancy
  3. Karen, I have the following for sale: Towa Bobbin Case Tension Gauge TM-3 (M bobbin) and Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge. $65 for the set, including insured shipping. Nancy V.
  4. I have the following for sale: Towa Bobbin Case Tension Gauge TM-3 (M bobbin) and Superior Top Thread Tension Gauge. $65 for the set, including insured shipping. The items are in excellent condition. Once these tools find new homes, I will have a little more room to find something else to purchase! Thank you.
  5. I am selling the following long arm tool and a marking border tool, recently purchased but never used. For additional information, I've included the websites. I am pay for insured shipping. AccuGuide – ½ inch hopping foot, Lakeside Quilt Company Use this Ruler to: Stitch in the Ditch around appliqué or curved shapes Short straight line Stitch in the Ditch: Outline or echo quilting around appliqué or curved shapes Follow a stencil. $18.50, selling for $15.00 Scallops, Vines and Waves Template, Quilt In a Day, Eleanor Burns Add a fancy finish to all of your quilts with ease with this handy template. You can make vine and wave borders, waved edges, or scalloped edges. A 16-page booklet is included with the template with instructions on its use. This template can be used with any quilt that you wish to dress up with a unique finish. The Template measures 9" across. From highest point to bottom of ruler in the middle is 6.75". From highest point of ruler to highest point or arch in the middle is 4.5". Outside vertical edge top to bottom is 5.75". Made of heavy gauge acrylic and is laser precise. Not to be used as a long-arm template/stitching guide. Quilt is first marked and then stitched on longarm. $16.95, selling for $14.00
  6. I've recently completed several t-shirt quilts and found that an all-over meander worked well, as it enabled the quilting to look balanced. Meandering also helped me focus on certain areas. I used a cotton batting and neutral thread because I wanted the t-shirts to dominate. I should mention that these were what I call memory quilts, quilted for friends who had recently lost a loved one. In addition to t-shirts, I included photos and clothing (onesie, scout shirt, etc.). I did not quilt over the photos but around them on the sashing. The recipients love and treasure the quilts, including the quilting! Nancy V
  7. I recently basted a quilt for a friend. She had tried hand basting it and soon realized that it would take a LONG time to do even that - the qult is a small king-size. I took long basting stitiches in a long, all-over zig-zag pattern. The stitiches are probably 2 -3 inches apart and they are loose. Contrasting thread used - a great way to use up those left-over bobbin threads. I kept the stitiches loose for two reasons. I was not certain how much play she would need to have as she handstitched the quilt. Also, I could not imagine ripping out the basting if the stitches were closer together. We talked about how she would "do" the quilting. She decided to start from the middle and work her way out in all four directions. Again because we were not certain if her handstitching would cause the quilt to pull up, we thought starting in the middle would even out any movement. When she first began to hand quilt, she found that her fingers were catching in the loopy basting. She quickly discovered that she could move her bottom hand (on the quilt back) down and away from the quilt rather than slide her hand along. Even as I write this, it seems a bit confusing. Please let me know if you have questions ( Nancy SF Bay area
  8. Beth, I'm so glad to hear this and I feel as if I've acquired a new friend - one who has similar interests! Happy quilting! Nancy
  9. Kim, Thank you for responding to my ad. I am waiting to hear from a quilter who contactedt me several hours ago. I will let you know if the pantos are going to her home or if they remain available. Nancy
  10. Sue, Thank you for sharing this info about the How Much thread app. It will be a great help with many projects! I'm going to go to my iPad right now and find it. Nancy V San Francisco Bay area
  11. The last set of pantographs has been sold, and I want to thank you for showing an interest in my collection. Your reviews and inquiries reminded me, once again, that you are a wonderful, caring group of quilters. I am proud and delighted to be a member of this group! Nancy V.
  12. My thread cones are off to a new home. Thank you for your interest! Nancy V. I have thirty cones of Superior So Fine #50/3 polyester thread for sale. Ten cones have not been used and are still in their clear wrappers. The other cones appear to be the same fullness, and have were used to make one, possibly two, quilts. The cones are: Pearl, Putty (2 cones) Toast, Smoke, Hot Chiles. Scarlet, Cherrywood, Mustard, Chocolate, Ginger, Your Highness, It’s a Boy, Midnight Harbor, Lilac, Celery, Spring Green, Sandstone, Fawn, Granite Peak, Climbing Rose, Aster, Brooke, Missoula, Lewis & Clark, Pastel Green, Gerbera, Indian Paintbrush, Chianti, and Roma I would be happy to send you a chart that indicates the number and "still in wrapping" packaging, as well as additional pictures. The advertised retail price for each is $16.90. I am selling the full set for $300 plus shipping. I use King Tut threads for quilting and would like to pass the So Fine threads on to another home! Thank you. Nancy
  13. Lin, I just sent you a private message. Please let me know if you do not receive it. Nancy
  14. This is a Singer Featherweight 221 Centennial model sewing machine in excellent working condition. The machine runs smoothly and the sewing stitch is perfect! Included with this Featherweight are the bobbin case, five bobbins, large screw driver, foot control, and carrying case. This machine was professionally serviced during July 2012. At that time the belt, felt pad in base, foot control and power cord were replaced. The badge on the front reads "A CENTURY OF SEWING SERVICE 1851 * 1951 THE SINGER MANFG CO TRADE MARK". The serial number AK429861 dates this machine to May 10, 1951. The finish is glossy and the gold key design is in very good condition. There is some wear on the throat plate but this does not affect the operation or stitch quality of the machine. Reason for selling: I need to reduce the number of machines in my collection! Price is $325 plus insured shipping if needed from the San Francisco Bay area.
  15. Chris, The information you've been given about the weather is absolutely correct. Temperatures in and around the Bay Area can vary by 20 degrees or more, with SF being the coolest. The Piecemakers Quilt Guild will be holding their Legacies of Love 2012 Quilt Show at the Newark Campus of Ohlone College July 14 and 15. Amador Valley Quilt Guild holds their monthly meetings the second Saturday of each month, starting a 1 p.m. I will be there and would be happy to meet you there if you are able to attend. Quilt shops include Eddie's Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale - not too far from the quilt museum; New Pieces in Berkeley (great restaurants nearby); and Wooden Gate in Danville. There are a couple of other quilt shops on the peninsula - I can get their names to you if you are interested - need to ask a friend for their names. All of the places listed require private transportation. Please email me if you want additional information. Nancy V
  16. Janet, They appear to be sold, but I will let you know if they become available. Thank you for your interest. Nancy
  17. Nancy, I sent you a u2u. They are all paper pantos. Nancy V.
  18. I would like to sell the following pantos as a group for $180. Information, including links to view them, is included in the listing. I will pay shipping cost in the continental U.S. They range from brand new to gently used, and are ones that I've had for awhile but have not used. Thanks! Nancy V. American Beauty Garden DH1230 10 in, interlocking Dave Hudson this is the paper pattern, not digital Butterfly, pattern: BB-1 Debra Geissler, www. Calla Lily 13 in Jodi Beamish Damask Rose #RD 106 13 inches Keryn Emmerson'> Double Wedding Ring Block 10 inch JAFM 1 – 10 Judy Allen Falling Leaves 10SP02 12 in. Sew-Phie Quilts Fascination 14 inches Hermoine Agee Willow Leaf Studio Flowers with Leaves and Butterflies 11.5 in Debra Geissler Fly Away 10 inches Jodi Beamish Flying High HW 515B Only the planes, not rabbits or turtles Hari Walner Gecko 5 ½ inch JH630 Ground Cover 11 in Interlocking Cherries Dave Hudson DH 1365-11 Ivy Vine 5 ½ in Norma Sharp Judy’s Roses 6 in RD191 Log Cabin in the Woods Dave Hudson Paper panto, not the digital one Lots of Lambs 11 in. Dave Hudson Maple Syrup 7 in. 2 rows on roll 2005 Jodi Beamish Outerspace Too 9.5 inches Willow Leaf Studio Designs Jodi Beamish Paisley Plus 14 in and Ivy Plus 8 in SQS Susie’s QuiltStudios Rover at Play 2003 14 in 3 in border Quilted Heart Designs Security Blanket DH 1315 11 inches Dave Hudson Snicker Dee Snee 9 inch 2004 Julie Mullin Snowflake Twist 11 in Sprung Size: 1 row = 8 ¼ in Starflower 7.75 in Jodi Beamish Star Swirl 14 inch Wyman and Watson. www.heartand Variegated Shell ~9 in. 54-E Wheat Fields 11 in Deb Geissler Which Way Did The Go. 8 in., Judy Allen. RD190. Winter Poinsettia, Kathie James, 15 inches KJ 421-15
  19. Sandra Darlington prepared materials for her "Getting Your Quilt Ready" Presentation in the early part of November 2011. I can't find the specific info about that but you should be able to contact her. I can email you with more information if you need it. There is also a very "interesting" video on uTube about quilting: Humorous Quilting Video set to Cathy Miller's song 'You Can Quilt That Out,' depicting the life of a longarm quilter. Video made by Mavis Rosbach, Quiltbird Studio, for "the Buzz on the Longarm Biz'… Nancy V
  20. This is a brand new, still in-the-box Cutter that I'm not going to be using. The company description is as follows: The AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter is a fast, precise, affordable fabric cutter that allows quilters and fabric crafters to cut fabric as much as 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutting. Perfect for the beginner and occasional quilter. The GO! Baby Fabric Cutter does not come with die or cutting mat - they would need to be purchased separately. The listed price is $75 - $150. I would like the Cutter to find a good home. If you are interested, please suggest a fair price, with shipping and insurance to be added. Thanks! Nancy V
  21. Kathy, When I was practicing my feathers, in order to save on fabric, I made my practice piece out of muslin for the backing and top (and pieces of extra batting in the middle), and used a contrasting thread. When that top was filled, I put another piece of muslin on the top and practiced some more. You would not have to change thread unless you wanted to. You could change the bobbin thread if you wanted a clear look at any bobbin issues. I was able to do this with several top layers without any problems. Although I still need to practice, I finally took the plunge and started on "real" quilts, even using contrasting thread - how brave can one be? We often tend to be our own worst critics and see every little fault! Happy feathering. Nancy