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  1. Hi, yes the machine is still available. You can contact me at denisekjohns@ yahoo.com. I will send you pictures as soon as I can. Let me know if you have any other questions Denise
  2. Hi everyone, I am willing to reduce the price of my Millie to $13,500. It is like new, only quilted approx. 24 quilts. Please e-mail me if interested. I am willing to listen to any offers and will transport machine to new location. Thanks, Denise
  3. I am selling my 2010 Millie. It has quilted probably between 20-25 quilts. The millie I have has 14' rails, quilt glide, base expander for thread cutter, horizontal dual spool holder, hartley vertical cone holder and a power advance with c motor and foot control. I am asking $14,000. I have leaders have zippers. I have a couple sets of extra zippers. I am not asking more for any of the extras you see above. I will also throw in a groovy board and stylus for this. I also have extra bobbins that I will send with this machine. The machine has been kept in immaculate condition and has be
  4. Thanks for the replies, it does not have the bliss system it came out right after I bought my Millie. Dawn what additional features would it have? I guess I should look at my invoice and list what I have. It is bittersweet because I love it but I don't use it enough and it is just sitting.
  5. I forgot to add that the reason I am selling it is because I have found that I don't have the time to quilt on it. I work full time, advice clubs at the school I work in and have two very active teengers. I think I am going to take a break and buy another one when they are out of the house and hopefully I have more time. Denise
  6. I am thinking about selling my millie. I bought it in July of 2010, so it is 3 years old. It has a harley attachments, bobbin winder, and motorized feed for the leaders. What do you think would be the going price for this machine.. I have taken very good care of it and cleaned it after every quilt. I have made maybe 20 quilts on it. I just need some advice on how much I should sell it for. It would still have the 8 year warranty on it, so 5 would be left. Denise
  7. Does anyone know of a way to quilt using panto's from the front of their millenium? I find it a pain not to see what I am quilting and going from the back to front to start/stop, when bobbin runs out, thread breaks etc. Thanks for your help. Denise
  8. I just went out to my machine and tested it, it is on SR. I guess I have to learn to have control when I am going slower for accuracy. I do great panto's but have a hard time with custom/following traced on stencils. Am I the only one that has a hard time with these?? I can meander just fine, freehand, but I don't know any other free hand designs for blocks. I guess I have to practice, practice, practices.
  9. maybe I have to tighten my wheels because it is too easy to move which makes me more the machine too fast. I don't feel like have have control when I am trying to do custom work, I am okay with panto's because I like to move fast.
  10. When I try to custom quilt I have a hard time because my machine seems to sew to fast on stitch regulator. I am doing a double wedding ring and tried to quilt from a template that I drew on the pattern and it was terrible, so I decided to hand quilt this quilt. It is a wedding gift for my nephew who is getting married in June 2013
  11. how can I slow down my stitchin?. Sometimes I want to quilt slowly and my machine when it is on stitch regulator goes so fast. When I see other brands of quilting machine they appear to sew slower than my millenium.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions you ladies are great.
  13. I am quilting a quilt for a customer and as I am getting down to the bottom of the quilt I am running out of batting. I do have a twin piece of batting (of the same product) that I can use, but how do I piece it together. Do I have to sew it together of can I just put it in the right spot and quilt it. Help?
  14. Can you use monofilament thread in the bobbin?
  15. I am LA quilting a quilt that has a black backing and light top. THe customer wants tan thread on top, so I thought I would use black in the bobbin. Some of the fabric on top is light and you can see the black thread coming through through the holes. Help I don't know what do do??
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