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  1. Charmaine

    Applique quilt

    Your quilting is beyond FABULOUS! Thanks for posting this beautiful quilt. What a treasure!
  2. Thank you all so much for your kindness and support. It means a great deal to know that you understand my reaction to this incident. I have resolved to keep my eyes and my heart on the aim of supporting cancer patients and to let the negative issues go. I appreciate all the efforts of those who do their best to provide quilts for others that are in need of comfort; with pantos, computers and hand guided. If our hearts are giving, that is what counts! I certainly want to get back to my happy place and wish you all happy quilting as well. Charmaine
  3. Charmaine

    For Charity Quilters

    Wow! Your post is so encouraging and validating! I have had 2 songs running through my head as I have been trying to decide whether on not to quit the group of volunteers providing quilts for the cancer patients: 1. Let it Go ... thinking about the goal of comforting cancer patients and ignoring criticism. 2. You don't know what you've got till it's gone ... thinking about being criticized and disheartened and quitting the group that does not value my efforts. After reading your post, the song that is the loudest is the Let It Go! Many thanks! Charmaine
  4. Charmaine

    Not as Easy as I Hoped

    You may wish to do more free hand free motion quilting from the front of the machine so you can use all that muscle memory you stored when you used your previous machine. That way you can get used to the feel and freedom and the lovely stitches Lenni and you can produce.
  5. I have been volunteer quilting for an organization for about 6 years and typically do the quilting on about 4 lap sized quilts a month. I do some pantos but enjoy the creativity of freehand "graffiti " sort of quilting sometimes. I was surprised and dismayed when one of my quilts was held up as a sample of what NOT to do during one of the work bee meetings. They said that the quilting was too dense and that the quilt would be too heavy and stiff for the cancer patients the quilts were destined for. I felt humiliated to be called out in that manner Here I thought that the creative designs could be traced and enjoyed as the person went through the treatments and that the quilt would be durable through the washings that it would need. I have a personal quilt that I did that sort of freehand quilting and it has been washed and is definitely not stiff and uncomfortable. I have included a photo of that quilt. I did a search on thread density and the few posts I found backed my assertion that a more densely quilted quilt will withstand wear better as there are more threads to take the strain of bed making, pulling and washing. I realize that matchstick quilting is not appropriate for a lap quilt and that is not the density I aim for. The joy and creativity that I used to feel is certainly diminished. While I agree with the aim of comfort for cancer patients, I am feeling like the little kid with the ball and bat that wants to quit the game. Has anyone else encountered such a complaint?
  6. Charmaine

    small quilt

    Lovely quilting!
  7. Gorgeous feathers and the binding will be extra durable and decorative as well! Great gift!
  8. Charmaine

    "Hop to it" customer quilt

    Lovely quilting! Awesome as always!
  9. Charmaine

    customer quilt won first

    What a treasure you both have made!
  10. Charmaine

    Just finished.

    What a wonderful quilt for a young man! Well done!
  11. I used to use painters tape to attach the plastic cover from a shoelaces package over the flywheel when I did not have the APQS manufactured flywheel cover. The window from the shoelace package was just the right size to cover the opening. Look in your recycling bin to see if you have something that might work. LOL
  12. Charmaine

    I won.....

    So much fun to see the close up photo of your quilt! I bet you had a great time deciding what character would peek out of each window. Well deserved win, too! Congratulations!
  13. I got a blissed Lucey after using a Lenni for a number of years. I kept the micro drive handles that were on the Lenni and installed them on my Lucey. The handles are raised above the surface of the quilt more than they were on the Lenni but that turns out to be a good thing for me. I can use rulers with the micro handles just swivelled up out of the way and the mechanisms of the micro handles do not get in the way of the ruler work. Then when I want to have more control for feathers or intricate designs I can swivel the handles down and proceed. While I can get good control with just the u shaped handles with the bliss table, I think I do better back tracking on the feathers with my left hand on the micro drive handle and my right hand on the u shaped handle. That is just my experience but I hope this helps. Good luck!
  14. Charmaine

    Millie Giveaway

    I read the rules for the contest but am still unclear on whether the winner must be a resident of the United States. Could a Canadian win? I sure hope so! Charmaine