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  1. I can quilt a 116 x 120 on my 12 foot table. . It really is easy. Turn the 116 on the width of the table. The length makes no difference. I have a Ult 11.
  2. I can pick it up today, if you want it out of your way. Wish I had seen this first.
  3. If you click on the clickable name on the top of the video, it will take you to another site, Quilter's rule in Wisconsin.
  4. Sew Steady. has all of the westalee rulers. they are based in Oregon
  5. Matt Sparrow is in Canada. Don't know how far this is from you. I'm in MO so I am no help at all. Maybe some of our Canadian quilter friends can help.
  6. where are you located? Maybe someone close by can help. You can call APQS and they will help. They do not care how old you machine is, they are there to help you. They helped me a lot when I first got started.
  7. I have the Ult 11 and I just slow my machine down. Be sure and clamp on the right end. I go slow, and straighten mine out as I go. I do not pin, except along the side before clamping. If you will practice on muslin, you will get the hang of it. You can message me if you want.
  8. My quilt was on the APQS website. Makes me feel so humble. This is finished quilt. Thanks to you all. Shirley
  9. What kind of machine are you talking about? Is this a longarm? What brand is it? Photo would be helpful.
  10. Just google Nustyle Quilting. It is located in Stover MO. I also agree about the people being very nice.
  11. A pair of rails from Nustyle is $49.00 for the pair. I tried to copy and paste but it would not let me. A also had a nustyle machine., and the rails are similar.
  12. Thanks so much everyone. I have had this machine for about 4 years. Big improvement over the nustyle. I am learning more each time I read this forum, and when I put a quilt on the frame. Just got the hartley together with Myrma's help, and it is so much fun to make a perfect circle. My son helped me to get the other part of the fence together, to make the perfect straight lines. I used both on this quilt. It is so much fun. With my new foot, I plan again to try some ruler work. Looking forward to seeing more quilt photos on here.
  13. Quick remedy for the silver insulation. you can dip material in liquid starch. It acts like glue, and you can glue it to walls. When you get ready to remove it, it gently peels off like there is nothing behind it. I once did a motorhome walls with that. It was beautiful, and I could easily change material, when I found one that I liked better.
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