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  1. Nice Quilting! And very clever thread path......
  2. Oh, I'm looking for very specific advice and would like to talk to an individual to get their perspective and experience on my specific situation. I did search "setting rates" and "rate increases" but didn't come up with anything. Then I searched "rate" and far too many posts came up. Not the easiest thing to find. Any suggestions? I'd still like to chat with someone......
  3. Hi all, I am looking for an experienced longarm quilter who is out of my area (Northern Minnesota and Southeast Iowa) who is willing to chat with me about the pros and cons of setting rates. I'm not looking to compare rates. I do want to discuss what could happen to my customer base and my business and the risk/rewards. I just want to make sure I'm considering everything when making my decision and need some experienced advice. Please email me if you'd be willing to chat and I'll give a call. Thanks
  4. My husband has two sayings.....The first is, "If you have to swallow a toad, you don't want to look at him too long." The second is, "You climb a mountain one step at a time." It's all and well to procrastinate and find diversions, but you'll still have to look at that toad. My advice is to estimate how long it will take to get that quilt done. Figure out how many days you want to work on it and then take it one day at a time. If you aren't too far along, perhaps you could add some different fillers to give your brain something else engage with....... Good luck! Lovely quiltin
  5. I took a class from him a year ago. It is sooooo worth the time and money spent. He talks about so much in class that isn't on any DVD. The hints and tips he gives out pays for itself many times over.
  6. Hey, what's a line dance triangle quilting design?
  7. In those instances where I can't measure up a quilt while a customer watches (those given to me at quilt meetings, etc.) and a border is wavy or there are cups in the piecing, I call the customer and explain the situation. I try and steer them toward a batting and pattern that will suck up the extra. If they won't budge, I have a price ready for re-piecing the borders. That skillfully taken tuck that is so hidden on most prints is another great option. That tuck should go from the edge of the quilt to the first sew seam so it looks like a pieced border. There are times I've loosened the
  8. Hi, I've checked the archives and see my options for mounting the Hartley Vertical Spool Holder. I just don't see anything on how to thread the machine while using the holder. Seems there have been others with breakage problems so not all threading strategies work.... Any advice? Thanks.
  9. Beautiful. Mind-boggling. How on earth did you keep track of your path while stitching it out. Were there a lot of backtracks?
  10. I still get a little of the jitters when ever I start a quilt. So all this advice you been given is wonderful. I never thought about marking the first few bits to get me going. Thanks. Right now I'm working on a gorgeous applique quilt my customer spent a whole year putting together. I'd been overly cautious about how "perfect" my lines were etc. She came out to make a few final design decisions and I showed her some echo quilting I'd just finished but wasn't quite satisfied with. I showed her and mentioned that I was thinking about taking it out as I wasn't completly satisfied wit
  11. Amazing! That is very beautiful. Keep inspiring us.
  12. I love you guys! Thanks for all the great advice. I will tackle the batik back. It's always good to push the personal envelope right. Gulp. Gulp. Here we go........ Linda
  13. I started having problems with my ankles and feet not long after starting on my machine. I wore crocs a lot. I took a pair of running shoes that were too worn out for running and I put Dr. School's supports in them. The problems have gradually disappeared. Everyone's bio-mechanics are different. You may have to try different things before you find one that works for you.