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  1. Judy, I sent you a U2U as well...I am very interested in the feather borders and feather heart! Jule
  2. quiltingbird: I am by no means an expert at this, as I have only been doing longarm for 6 months! BUT, I can relate...I found that it helps to get rid of any "extra" fabric/batting by trimming the edges down to just 2" all around before you reattach the quilt...That leaves enough fabric there for pinning, clamping, etc, and gets rid of excess bulk which could prevent a nice tight roll. I'm sure there is alot more advice out there from those who have been doing this longer, but that does make a noticeable difference when I have done it that way! Happy quilting! Jule:)
  3. Hi Pat and all, I put a binding on one of my own quilts this morning with my longarm...first time since I got my Liberty last August. I used the base and ruler as a 1/4 inch guide while doing the sides of the quilt and put my channel lock on when doing the top and bottom...went on like a breeze! I left about 6 inches on each end of the binding unfinished where they met and seamed the ends together and finished sewing it on on my short arm...worked great and will definitely be doing it that way in the future! Much easier than manipulating the big quilt around! Give it a try... ! Jule
  4. Hi Janey! Is this happening while you are in stitch regulator mode? If so, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago with my Liberty...called Connie at APQS and she explained exactly how to fix it! Just required turning a screw in the electronic panel...very easy and such a relief to get the machine "listening" to me again! Her pnone numbers on the home page....good luck! Jule;)
  5. Hi...This is interesting and can be very confusing...BUT , I was told by my insurance agent that as soon as the INTENT is there to go into business and you have the equipment that you INTEND to go into business with, you need business insurance! So of course I had my business insurance at least a month before I did my first paying quilt!! Better safe than have regrets and hassles later!!! Just my little FYI on the subject! And maybe these things differ from state to state...I live in Minnesota! Jule
  6. Thank You Connie! My single stitch button is now giving me single stitches!! Life is good again...:
  7. Hi Judy, thanks for your quick reply, I did call Connie and she gave me the step by step...remove covers, find blue pod number 8 and turn gold screw a full turn.... I am going to remove this quilt, ready to turn it anyway, and then roll my sleeves up! Souncs like an easy fix, but I have never had to "go under" the cover before! Just got this Liberty in August and connie says every new machine does this a month or two into it! Wish me luck! Thanks again, Jule;)
  8. Help! My one stitch button is now giving me multiple stitches ...inconsistently. Sometimes it won't even shut off and I have had to shut my whole machine off just to get my machine to quit stitching! I have cleaned everything, some times it works and most often it goes crazy with stitches...you can imagine the damage this does to the one spot in the quilt!!!! I need to know has this happened to anyone else, or just lucky me , and what can I do???
  9. Hi Linda, I have had my Liberty for just over a month...the same thing happened with my channel lock and I just unscrewed the whole thing and pushed the little end piece back on! It is still wiggly so I think maybe it is supposed to be that way??? I am afraid it may eventually fall off into the carpet below and I may never see it again!!!! Other than that, my machine has been awesome! Jules:)
  10. Thank you for the input...I think I had hesitantly decided for myself that it may be worth it since I do want to get off to a running start! But it is always nice to get the validation that one is not thinking totally irrationally!! Where I come from, we have one or two awesome LA quilters and quite a few that own longarms that pretty much quilt just for themselves and a select few others....I am in it for the long (arm)run;) and want to make sure I get off on the right foot!!! Thanks again!
  11. Hi, this is my first time to the site! I recently decided it was time to dive in to the home based business and am looking for advice!! I am hoping to go at this full throttle now that I have decided to go for it! My question is, is the stitch regulator worth the extra $5,000$? I want to get customers and get started as quickly as possible! If all else goes well, will the S/R help eliminate months of quilting practice that may be required if I choose to forgo the expense and invest in a machine without the S/R? I really don't want to have to wait months before I begin to offer quilting s
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