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  1. Hi, UPDATE for problem on the Millie's needle up/down problem. Amy and Angie at the service department have been great. After emails back and forward and lots of checking of different things a new circuit board was sent out to us here in Australia. Millie is now working great again. The detailed instruction were a great help. Ann if your machine still has similar problems contact the service department and they can run you through what to check and get it sorted quickly.
  2. Thanks Jim I'll check that out as well. The problem started before the IQ was added to the machine. I've contacted Amy at the service department and they are looking into it for me. Hopefully it will get worked out soon.
  3. Hi Ann, Thats what mums does as well. I have send a service request to apqs and when I get the problem solved I post it here. Pauline
  4. Nigel, Thanks for the confirmation about the 8 screw, thats what I thought as well. I will send email to apqs today. I'm in Brisbane Australia so th time difference makes it hard to talk to someone at the factory by phone. My Apqs dealer is away at the moment. I Posted the question here on the off chance someone else might have had something similar happen to their machine.
  5. Hi I need help with mums 2008 Millie. The needle up and down will not work each time consistently or at all.I have done the adjustment to the 8 screw at the rear of the machine. I can get it too work a couple times. Then a few minutes later it won't work at all or it bunny hops. The bunny hopping doesn't happen everytime but sometimes it starts on its own if I bump one button. I have checked that all connections are in properly. The needle doesn't always stop in the correct up or down position but somewhere in between. I have been able to do this adjustment on my own freedom machin
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