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  1. Love this, the pattern and quilting are just perfect. I don't think I could use it as a picnic cloth, to much work to have it get messy.
  2. Please let us know what method you use. For me the Command Strips are guilt free way to do it. When we build our new living room my lath husband would cringe every time I got ready to hang something. He hated me making holes in "his living room. The funny thing is he did not mind if I made holes in walls of the old living room. So this is what I do, so he can't haunt me.
  3. As I'm normally a lurker I will tell you what I did. I got curtain rods and rings, instead of using the curtain bracks I used heavy duty Command Strips. I used several of the bronze colored ones. I placed several along the rod length. The rings that I used have clips on then. I can take the rod off the wall to make clipping on the quilt easer. I have hung full sized quilts on this system. Any way this worked for me. The heavy duty Command Strips are expensive though.
  4. Never mind on the pattern and designer. I have found an embroidery pattern. I was hoping for a applique pattern. I still love the pattern and quilting.
  5. That is so beautiful. Your quilting just makes it all the better. Do you happen to know the name of the pattern or the designer?
  6. I read everything and hardly ever post but this is how I fixed the problem with the cord catching on things. I have rear handles on my machine and taped a ruler to the handle bars. Then I taped the cord to the ruler. Fixed my problem, it just sticks out a ways. Diane HandiQuilter 16(older model) on a twelve foot frame.
  7. I love how this is quilted. Could someone please tell me the name of the quilt? I would love to find the pattern. Nana di
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