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  1. how about a yellow ribbon on our name badge? I'll be there Wednesday and Thursday!!
  2. I have learned that every new machine should come with a couple boxes of Kleenex and a gross of seam rippers. I tell new quilters that they WILL get frustrated and they will "un-sew" ALOT, and it's all OK. Expect these things to come and you won't be paralyzed with the "I can't do it" syndrome. I also learned, after I've read it, to completely cover my morning newspaper in freehand doodles before I put it in recycling! I hope to somehow figure out how to post pictures to the forum, I've had to use my box of Kleenex again! Thanks for this topic!
  3. Lucy, one of my favorites in KC is Quilter's Haven in Olathe, KS. It is off of I35 on Santa Fe. This is very close to I-35 so wouldn't be really out of your way. Happy Travels!!! Tammy
  4. Judith, I'm doing a sampler right now and it's so neat to take a picture of several blocks and doodle on the pictures while watching TV that evening. Then the next morning I take my tablet to the machine and stitch out my doodle from the Ipad. I downloaded Drawcast and have learned to really like it. It's free but I had to buy a stylus for my Ipad. The program lets you save your projects. Have fun and good luck in your search!
  5. you've made this quilt just dazzle! I get a chuckle out of your cute toes too!
  6. My Millie would like a set of micro-drive handles if anyone would like to sell theirs. Thanks a bunch.........Tammy
  7. ok, you guys got me started!! I thought I'd check out this featherweight business on Ebay to see what all the excitement was about. Well.........I fell in love. It arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. She's the cutest little thing and I love the sound she makes when she's stitching along! It's a little 221 and in great shape for being 54 years old. Here I've been trying to downsize!
  8. Thank-you Anne, W&N refers toWarm and Natural batting.....
  9. Here is a full pic of the baby quilt. Sylvia I used W&N. What a fun quilt to make. That's what I like about baby quilts, they're done in no time!
  10. Bonnie, I'll attempt to send a picture of the entire quilt. For some reason I'm not able to send a pic when I reply vs. starting a new topic. I think the computer can smell fear!! The quilt design is from a book called Livin' Large by Heather Mulder Peterson. I've used several of the patterns.
  11. Vickie, I think I got these from Quilter's Rule.
  12. Thanks again to Oma for all the info on getting our signatures to work. For some reason I'm not able to access page 2 of the recent post regarding this. Hoping to work on the avatar info. next. Thanks again!!
  13. This is the last baby quilt I did for my son's co-worker's new baby. I had fun with the diamond shapes and I got to play with some new tools and stencils. I bought the nested oval tools at MQS and find those especially fun! Thank-you Oma for the info. on posting pictures. We'll see if it works!!! Tammy
  14. Joyce, I sent you an email, the u2u was not letting me through, I'd like to buy the handles if they are still available. Thanks, Tammy
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