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  1. Would the hole be closer to me (standing behind the machine) or does the hole need to be pointing to the front of the machine (away from me)? I think facing me. If you look at my picture, the C12 is toward the back rail so facing me. This is how I have been doing it, but for some reason when I look at it lately, it seems backwards. I'm left-handed so I always get things mixed up, lol.
  2. When you place the Circle Lord long boards on the back of the table (I have Millie), does the label of the board, C12 (example), face me or does it go upside down? It seems to me I should place it as C12 facing me as if I was reading it. However, when I look at the design it looks upside down. Can anyone guide me on the correct way to position the boards?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I will continue to use the SR.
  4. Hello all. I have a silly question. When using Circlelord boards or groovy boards, do you engage the SR mode on the machine? I have a Millie, 2010, and have been using SR mode, but wondering if I 'should'. Thanks for any input! Becky
  5. Thanks Cagey and Linda for the advice and well wishes. I have been running around in circles all day trying to pack up my fabric stash and other belongings. I am exhausted and my nerves are really frazzled. I will decide in the morning which way to go. I am not in flood zone and I actually lowered the table to be off the hydraulic lifts earlier today thinking that was bestablished but now I wonder. My brother gave me really large garbage bags so I could cover her. Decisions, decisions. Lol
  6. Hello all. I am trying to finish preparing for Irma here in Tampa and would like to remove Miilie from her table, although I am still not sure where to put her (not sure there is any place that safe). She is a blissed 2010 model on a black table with the round tubes for legs. I got her used and set it 2 yrs ago. Silly me already packed the manual and I can't recall how to remove the head from the table. Can someone please guide me? Thanks, Becky
  7. I would like to purchase all of the threads. I can pay with Paypal. Thanks, Becky
  8. Thanks Michael. I will turn them around and get back to you if I have questions.
  9. Love it, great quilting. I'm with Cathy, I need to look for that panto, too.
  10. Thanks Joyce. I was hoping the direction didn't matter. Thanks Heidi. I just happen to have glow in the dark thread, I will give it a try, too.
  11. Hello fellow Cirlelord owners, Can someone tell me the correct direction to place the Swirls boards in the attached picture? I bought them used. My gf came over and said it was upside down. She has the newer Swirls and has 2.5 rows. Mine just has two. TIA, Becky
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