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  1. Can't you just quilt it half way and then turn it around. Surely you won't lose that much space by half way.
  2. Acesgame

    Studio Tour

    Love the space....spaces. My husband won't give me that much of my house. Of course, I don't sew every day....every week...sometimes once per month. I need to get better at that if I want to upgrade to a Millie.
  3. I recently acquired 4 cool old tops. Each have some little things wrong around the edges or a whole in a small piece. The fabric seems a bit fragile and though they are all great, they are not pieced well. I have been pressing with starch but they are puckers-waiting-to-happen. I would like to make them quilts but maybe I should cut them up and make totes or table runners??? Suggestions?
  4. Okay you don't have to answer here but what does a Millie have that this machine does not have?
  5. Congratulations. There were lots of pretty quilts at that show, so pat yourself on the back!
  6. This made me absolutely laugh out loud and read it to my husband. I am going to post it on facebook. I have been talking to my husband about building a craft shed out back for all my stuff since I am squished in one of my three small bedrooms.
  7. Teresa, I live in Murphy and love it, but it could be quite a drive. I don't know what you are used to but in Texas it takes 20-30 minutes just to drive across town. Looking at his salary I wouldn't think they would want to pay more than $1200 rent, so it will be hard to find something affordable in the nicer areas. Dallas schools stink. All places mentioned have better school districts. Interstate 35 and 635 traffic is always bad and should be avoided on a regular basis. If his Job in Farmers Branch is north of Beltline, He can jump on the George Bush Tollway and get to Richardson, Pl
  8. I don't have either but I do have a midarm that would be similar to the Lenni and I have rented time on the Lenni and Millie. I think you should consider all the "extras" that you think you have to have. Power fabric advance is not necessary but very cool and especially if you move around your quilt a lot. This is not standard on the Lennie. Hydralic lift would be good if you want to work from the front and the back. Not standard on Lenni. If you add these to the new Lenni you would have the cost of the used machine. I hate to always talk about cost but unless you are a millionaire, mon
  9. someone on here was doing a top where the quilter pooped out on the applique and didn't put on all the leaves etc. She quilted leaves and flowers where they would have been and it was a good look. If you really like things even, by quilting in the missing design first, it might make the background fill look more uniform. Just an idea.
  10. The way I understand it your husband thinks formica is not an option either, correct? If so go for the largest, smoothest tile (like marble or a fake marble that allows you to butt the tiles to each other so the grout line is very thin.
  11. Lots of great questions. I am sorry if this is a repeat, but I might have missed it. Can I use prefilled bobbins? or What is the advantage/disadvantages to prefilled bobbins? Lighting options?
  12. I was thinking a floral to mimic the floral fabric until you said navy thread. Then I just thought crosshatching.
  13. I have been looking at alot of peoples web pages. Some charge for thread, batting separate, some just have a set fee per inch. I would think supplies are taxable but labor is not. If so, how do they get around it. If not, set me straight please. Also, if you rent time on your machine, is that taxable?? I don't want to get in trouble with uncle when I want to write off some of my costs.
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