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  1. I have done several and if it wasn't family, I would not do anymore. It can be tuff. Poly pulls and very thick at seams. Also very hard to frog if need to. Someone gave me fabrics and some poly was in the bags. I decided to cut into 1" & 1 1/2" scripts and crotchet rugs. They are very dorable and does not matter about prints. I found just matchup colors is best. Ovals, are my favorate. Must add extra chains on curves. Not all curved area just enough to lay flat. But if you decide to do quilts, try using no batting or very thin cotton with a cotton back. Otherwise is will be very heavy and hot to sleep with. Hope this helps.
  2. I don't know what brand you have but , do you have a shiny side on top correctly. Some have 2 differen t sides as it helps stay put with top and backing. Also check your hook area for threads or batting pieces in it.
  3. If you put color catchers, use cold water and soak. I did have a quilt top that bleed on it bad. I rinsed and then i did put vinger in water and on area that bled. Then I soaked again. Always in cold water. I think the vingar set the color so it would not run. At least it worked on for me.
  4. Oh my Gosh, It is over the moon. Luv it . Hope we see more of it in a show or 2.
  5. Wow Ferret, well done. Hope to see more of ya online with pictures, love them
  6. Love it!!!!!!! You always do fabulous work
  7. Thanks Dawn for your reply. I hope I can get hook ordered and in before monday. I will call dealer to see if they have any first. Thank You
  8. Wow that is extra special for a tree skirt. I have quilted a Wedding Ring quilt that they used the wedding dress leftovers (from making it) and used wedding dress for background and brides maids dress leftovers for rings in quilt I think I have a picture of it here. Several years ago. If I can find it or I will post again.
  9. Thanks Dawn but that is not what happened as I cleaned machine throughly before starting this quilt. Now that said and found it was the bobbin(which I put in file 13) everything was working great until I broke a needle on a pin which tells me I was trying to catchup and was rushing. Thats what happen when rushed. Now I had a weired noise and looked further and it did look weired. I turned by hand the wheel and found out what happened . It cracked my hook and hook was going around without stopping. The hook retainer braket was not in straight , it had moved over. I guess from the needle breaking and getting caught or wedged in hook. Now that said: Does anyone know if the hook is hard to replace ?
  10. I cleaned it out & oiled, but when I changed bobbins it worked fine. Went back to the silver one and it did it again. Same bobbin case. Maybe dropped it too many times or maybe metals difference or a flaw in it. Who knew ha.lol
  11. This is a first for me. I was quilting along and finished the 1st row and looked on the back and had eyelashess continious the whole row. Ug lots of frogging. But the reason I am telling you about this is I never had a bobbin cause the eyelashes like this. I heard of this but never had it happen to me till now. I had the silver one on and then I changed to the copper looking one and it was a complete turnaround from the silver one. Who knew. Never to old or experienced quilter to learn new tricks. ha!
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