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  1. My APQS Dealer told me I should get a new light bar for my APQS Freedom because mine flickers at times so she feels I should get new one. She told me to order it from APQS site but I don not see it available to buy on here. Where can I buy it?
  2. I have an APQS Freeedom on a 12' table. I want to buy new Leaders for it. Where do I purchase them. I looked on this site at the On-line store and did not see them listed. Where can I find them?
  3. I have an APQS Freedom and I am interested in getting the Leader Grippers by Regina's Quilting Studio. Does anyone here use those? Do you like them? Anyone have recommendations where to buy them? Is there any APQS Dealers on here that sell them? I am located in Minnesota. Anyone know the cost? I looked on a website but it said for 11' leaders and I have a 12' table so are my leaders 11'? I am confused. And when it says the set, is that for only one roller? I want for 3 rollers so do I really need to buy 3 sets? Not sure I want to invest that much $ into it. I need some help so I can find where to order them and what exactly I need to order and what the cost will be.
  4. I love the batting holder. I would like top make one for my roll of batting. What size PVC pipe did you use? It looks pretty big.
  5. I need the Serial # of my 2011 APQS Freedom. Where will I find it on the machine?
  6. My bobbin case won't remove. I was going to change the bobbin but the bobbin case won't pull out. I have no idea why. I have had my AQPS Freedom for over 5 years and never had a problem and all of a sudden last night, when I was quilting a quilt, I was going to change the bobbin, and I can't get it out? Any ideas?
  7. My bobbin case won't remove. I was going to change the bobbin but it won't pull out. I have no idea why. I have had my AQPS Freedom for over 5 years and never had a problem and all of a sudden last night, when I was quilting a quilt, I was going to change the bobbin, and I can't get it out? Any ideas?
  8. Thanks Linda, My husband and I did figure out how to do that to lock it so I can at least use my machine for now. OMG! These machines are like our life line!!!!! And that is why I love my APQS. I had a 'lesser" model for me first machine and it went down 4 times in the 10 months I had it.. ANd everytime, my customer quilting came to a halt for about a week waiting for it to get fixed. I absolutely love this Freedom and this is the first time I have had an issue with it. I'm just in panic mode about it because now it is the weekend so I know I most likely will not get contact from "APQS Service" rep until Monday.
  9. For Beachside Quilter, when I move the silver know to the take up roller, how do I lock the tak-eup roller so it doesn't move? I really need to work on a customer quilt and I need to figure out how I can do this manually since my motorfeed advance is not working. I would appreciate any tips anyone has.
  10. For Geo Tech, my machine is a 2011 Freedom which I bought new in Nov, 2011 and I have done appox,. 300 quilts on it.
  11. I am so frustrated. I called APQS mid morning yesterday and left Amy a message and my cell phone # and I have not heard back from her which means now I will have to go all weekend without my machine working correctly. I THINK I will send a message on APQS on the contacts form and see if Mark will call me.
  12. Well, we put in a new fuse and it still does not work. Not with the foot pedal or with the toggle switches. I guess I will call APQS tomorrow for support on this. Anyone I should ask for in particular?
  13. Beachside Quilter, I always use the foot pedal so I haven't touched any of the switches. One minute it worked to advance fabric and the next minute it didn't work. I did try unplugging my machine and plugged it back in 10 minutes later, but still nothing. My Guess is that it must be the fuse. When my husband gets home, I will have him investigate.
  14. I'm not sure if I labeled the topic correctly. I was quilting a quilt today and when I was done quilting it and going to unroll it with the fabric advance, my fabric advance doesn't work. Is there a fuse or something in it? I am confused. I have a Freedom and I bought it new in November, 2011. I have quilted approx. 250 quilts on it and never had a problem until today. Is there anyone out there who has had this problem and can share with me how to fix it? I can not figure out how to manually roll that roller so I am assuming it only works with the fabric advance. HELP..... I had today off and I want to load another quilt and get started on it and now I can't.
  15. I agree with you all. I had a problem with my new Bliss upgrade (whihc my husband and I installed ourselves and Dawn immediately responded on this Forum to help me and gave me troubleshooting ideas to try to try to find out for sure what the problem was. When the problem was diagnosed, APQS immediately got the parts in the mail for me. They gave me wonderful Customer Service. I am a Hotel Manager at a Casino Hotel so, of course, I "get the priviledge" to resolve many issues so I know the importance of excellent customer service.
  16. Moving this to the top. I have reduced the price on this machine to $1000. (Buyer pays shipping or I can meet you within 2 hours of my home). This machine was made in Switzerland and is a very good machine. This machine is also a 430 Limited Edition.
  17. I want to update everyone. Dawn sent me trouble shooting directions which I followed and it was definitely the horizontal encoder that didn't work. APQS sent me the new parts (overnight) which I didn't get until 5 days later because of all that ice roads/weather we were having at that time. That was not APQS fault. Anyway, I have quilted a quilt with my Bliss and it IS BLISS! I love it. And I did not find that there was a new learning curve with Bliss like lots of people say there is. I thought I had better control of my machine even though it moves so easily now. I am so glad I got it, it was money well spent.
  18. For Sale: Bernina Aurora 430 Sewing Machine. Includes carrying case, table tray attachment, walking foot,various other feet, and many bobbins. Works perfect. $1200 Firm. Buyer pays shipping if too far away for pickup. (I live in MN). For more details (or for pictures) call: 507-828-0832. Moving this to the top. I have reduced the price on this machine to $1000. (Buyer pays shipping or I can meet you within 2 hours of my home). This machine was made in Switzerland and is a very good machine.
  19. After dreaming about Bliss for about a year,I finally got it. I absolutely love it! I should have just ordered it when I originally bought my machine 2 years ago but I was on a tight budget at the time--so now I was able to do the upgrade. For those of you who don't have it, you are missing out. Everyone says there is a new learning curve with Bliss. I did not feel there was at all. I feel I am able to control my machine even better--even though it now moves so easily. And for anyone who gets the Bliss, it is very easy to install yourself.
  20. Dawn, Thanks for the quick email. We have a family Christmas gathering today and tonight my husband and I will follow your troubleshooting directions so we can figure out exactly where the problem is. I will email you tonight with what we find out.
  21. We've tried everything. I do not have Quilt Glide on my Freedom. I found some directions on here from when someone else had a problem with encoders after installing bliss. We followed those directions and checked the black wheel by the silver wheel (under the carriage shaft) and that all seemed ok to us. That would be the horizontal encoder and that is what my problem is. (The vertical encoder is working fine). The plug-in for the horizontal encoder only lights up on the left side. We notice the plug-in for the vertical encoder lights up on both sides. Could it be that I have a defective encoder? Seems to us that the light on both left side and right side should light up on the horizontal encoder--just like it does on the vertical encoder. I am very frustrated as I had a Tin Lizzie for 10 months prior to buying the APQS Freedom and I had 2 horizontal encoders go out on it during the 10 months I had it and that is why I got rid of it. That is how I knew right away today that my problem was the horizontal encoder --when it stitched perfectly vertically but makes long stitches on the horizontal part of my circles. Frustrating! I will send an email to Dawn but would appreciate anyone else's input here if you think it is still something I can adjust myself.
  22. I need your help. I got the BLISS upgrade which my husband and I installed and I am sure we have all the connections connected back up correctly. I was going to quilt a quilt just now but my stitch regulator isn't working correctly. My vertical stitches are working perfect but when I make circles, I have many various long stitches. Something must not be just right with the encoder for the horizontal stitches. Where is that encoder located? What can I try to do to remedy this situation? I really wanted to do that quilt tonight and now I am having sitch regulator problems. UGH!
  23. Bernina Activa 230 Patchwork Edition sewing machine, with auto threader, less than 3 years old. I also own a Bernina 430 and bought this Bernina 230 to use for classes--but don't hardly go to classes so have only used it a few times so have decided to sell it as my daughter has no interest in it. I bought it new (as a floor model) from a Quilt Shop in Worthington, MN, a little over two years ago. It is in like new condition. I also bought an extension table for it and the #37 --1/4" foot and I will include these items. It also includes the carrying case. This machine works perfectly. I am located in MN. $650 (firm) includes shipping to you, or $600 (firm) if it is a local pickup. Call me at 507-828-0832 for more details.
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