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  1. thanks everyone. since you are so close debbie. i gave her your information. my dad is an electronics technician so he is very well capaple of fixing it to if he knew what to look for and what values are where etc etc...... ill try to get her to call you tomorrow. thanks again everyone. You guys are great. And reply alot faster then motorcycle forums. lol
  2. I will check thr brushes in the motor. the machine is used. I will have to talk to her about all of that!
  3. i jsut spoke with her..she says she can get half wya thru a quilt and it starts. its intermittent. almost like bad connection or something going in and out
  4. she is located in zip 27018. i am not sure. i think ill be heading to her home this weekend and i can take a look, but i think it rolls easy? just sounds like the motors or something..soo she says.
  5. i have not yet seen the machine in close detail. Where will cam nuts be?on the table and carriage? is there a certain adjustment needed? thanks for the reply. my mom wants to give up so im trying to save her
  6. Hey everyone, this is my first post. My mom bought a millenium long arm not long ago and she has had problems with the machine. For example when she is sewing a circle the machine wants to jerk, so bad that the machine kinda shakes. As if the stepper motors are binding or something. Sorry i do not have the technical sewing terms down pat. I am electronics engineer so I can figure this out, but i need some ideas or some specs i should be looking for. Can anyone help with this issue. Thank you!!!!!!!