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  1. quiltsalot1962

    tips for George maintenence

    I also did the climb underneath to clean/oil George, with a flashlight in my mouth. Then, I remembered I had a headlamp for exploring caves, so I started wearing the light on my head and crawling underneath. I still feel best about doing a good job when I do that. However, it finally occurred to me that you can pull the plexiglass up a little and get in there from the top!!! Duh!! How many of us is that a breakthrough for? Anyway, it's working pretty well that way.
  2. quiltsalot1962

    APQS Interchangeable Hopping Feet

    I would really love to hear about anyone's experiences with this, too. I am planning on doing it myself, living as I do out here in the hinterlands of New Mexico. I want to be able to use the foot that you can use with rulers as well as the open-toed foot. Thanks for any information. Rita
  3. What do you say when people ask you if you have a longarm? I love exactly what George does. I love to feel the fabric, and I love that I can separate the seam slightly and get a perfect stitch in the ditch, and I don't feel the need for any more stitch/speed regulation than we have. However, I feel like people are asking me whether the machine is doing all the work because they think I can't possibly be doing the beautiful quilting I am doing on my own. What do you say when they ask you if you have a longarm? Am I just being paranoid? Maybe the answer is to just make the best quilt we can and not worry about it, except for making sure any local judge understands the situation--maybe by including a picture of George with your entry. I haven't had any problem, judge-wise, but I can imagine it, at least with a local judge, maybe at the county fair. By the way, it's a little hotter than hell here in New Mexico; in other words, normal. Thanks for your opinions. Rita
  4. quiltsalot1962

    FriXion Gel Pens

    Well, I am in the process of using them in a quilt I am going to keep. It is a simple, easy pattern with big blocks, and I am practicing quilting with lots of different threads and lots of different quilting designs. Some of the designs are completely freehand, ala Patsy Thompson and Diane Gaudinsky, and some are drawn with a flexible curve, and some are stencils. I am quilting on a George, so no frame, no stitch control, etc. All the marking is being done with FriXion pens in black, blue, red, purple, magenta, etc., depending on the color of the block. The markings are coming out just fine with an iron on silk or wool setting (but bear in mind that I have thread stitching over the markings, so that would help obscure any "ghost" places that might be left after pressing). This is to be my scientific study, and I plan to wash it when it is finished, and then probably put it in the freezer (after it's dry, and if I don't lose my nerve). It is wool batting and looks very nice so far, so I hope it comes out okay. If the marks come back, I will press it again. In the normal course of events, it wouldn't ever see a temperature of 14 degrees F. From reading about the pens, I don't see why washing would remove the marks, but possibly they would gradually disappear even if they were cold. They are wonderful as far as being able to see them when I'm quilting, and I do have trouble seeing my marking sometimes. Anyway, that's my experiment. Rita
  5. quiltsalot1962

    Horizontal thread holder

    Thank you all so very much.
  6. quiltsalot1962

    Horizontal thread holder

    I use a lot of spools that are supposed to be on a horizontal spool holder. I read somebody's post in another thread that said that she just uses the vertical holder for everything, and that is what I have done so far, but is there a horizontal spool holder for the George? I do have a lot of trouble getting my tension as good as I would like it to be; of course, I'm trying every combination of thread, needle, tension settings, under the sun and not keeping track of anything!!! Maybe that would be a good idea. Anyway, is there a horizontal spool holder for George? Thanks, Rita
  7. quiltsalot1962

    SID and basting the edge of the quilt

    I decided to add my 2 cents worth because this is something I'm really good at (unlike a lot of other things). I always pin-baste my quilts first, about a fist width apart, using one-inch pins that won't rust (I had some of the bad kind rust once). Then, I almost always stitch in the ditch. If I want that stitching to stay in the quilt; that is, I don't mind if it is a final component of the quilting design, then I use my DSM and a walking foot and carefully stitch in the ditch. If I don't want the ditch quilting to be part of the final product, I stitch with wash-away thread in both the top and bottom, but I don't have to be careful about keeping perfectly in the ditch. I use the wash-away thread on quilts that I don't want to have broken up into blocks; this would include whole-cloth quilts or many other kinds of less-traditional quilts. Once I finish the ditch quilting, I quilt in the ditch alongside any borders and then 1/4 inch from the edge all around. Once that is done, I take out all the pins that haven't already been taken out during the ditch quilting. Then, I can do all the free-motion I want. When the quilt is done, it gets washed and the wash-away thread disappears. If you ever use wash-away thread, get in the habit of keeping any leftover bobbin with the spool in a plastic bag all its own so you don't use it by mistake! I won't say I've never had tucks in the back, but almost never! Hope this helps someone.
  8. quiltsalot1962

    What should I look out for?

    Thank you all for the information. I bought my George from its prior owner one week ago today, and am having a great time with it. It's set up in my living room. As someone once said, "it's just a place for my dog to sleep." The information on the Fine Line rulers and especially regarding the adapter foot is very interesting. I will be looking for this foot soon. Right now, I am free-motion quilting in the ditch, which I have done on my DSM for some time, but there is a learning curve for sure. It's just hard to know exactly where the ditch is with a different machine. It's getting better already, though. Thanks again.
  9. quiltsalot1962

    What should I look out for?

    Tomorrow I go look at a used George. I am very interested, but don't want to make a mistake. Is there something I should look out for to make sure that there isn't something wrong with it. I do plan to sew on it first, of course. It should have a manual, I know that, but what else? Can it use any kind of needles, or does it use only great big ones? Do great big needles leave holes in your quilts? Have you used rulers with George--like the Fine Line rulers? Do they work well? Is there anything I should have asked/should know before I go ahead? Thank you all so much for any information you give me.
  10. quiltsalot1962

    How much does George cabinet weigh

    Thank you very much. That helps a lot.
  11. How much does the cabinet for George weigh? I have an opportunity to possibly buy a used George, and we are trying to figure out how to get it home. Thanks for your help.