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  1. Have any of you had any issues with having to significantly raise the volume on your audio device (I use an Ipod Nano) to listen to books while you run your longarm - mine is a Millie???

    I fear that I am affecting my hearing by how much I seem to have to have the volume at in order to hear the words of my book while I quilt.

    Does anyone else have that problem or that fear - and what do you do about it?

  2. When I initially turn on my Millenium and attempt to sew, I find that the one stitch button as well as the fly wheel do not act properly. The one stitch button goes a full cycle (down and up) not the required half cycle (just down). The fly wheel seems ot have a life of its own, continuously vibrating and making the bobbin case chatter too.

    I've learned that if I warm the machine up for 10 mins before sewing its gets better but not for the last few times. The chattering of the fly wheel continued through one full hour of quilting.

    What adjustments do I need to be making?

  3. With all the talk about having the bobbin thread be the same as the top, I was wondering how everyone wound their bobbins.

    Do you use the bobbin winder on the side of the machine (I have a Millie)? I have not beeen able to make that work successfully.

    I usually wind them on my regular sewing machine but I fear that I don't get it wound tight enough or even enough.

    I know some others use a standalone winder but I can't see going to more expense for that.


  4. Why would I be getting big 'toe catching' stitches on the top? I have spent all day trying to fix stitch problems, ranging from eyelashes and loops on the back, to shredding thread, to now big skipped stitches.

    I've done all the traditional things - cleaned every bit of the thread path, changed needles twice, changed thread and even pulled my hair out!!