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  1. Here are some photos. The machine is being sold because the owner is quite ill and no longer able to use the machine. In fact, it has been rarely used.
  2. Here are some photos. I’ve got other interested people too so please let me know your thoughts.
  3. 2008 Millie – $14,500 – 12′ Blissed table, with Quilt Path. Includes Hydraulic lift, Power Fabric Advance, Base Extender and guide, zippers pre-installed on leaders, 3 sets of quilt side zippers. Location: Round Rock, TX
  4. 2001 Millie – $10,500 – 14′ table with Quilt Path, Base Extender and guide, 30 large spools of threads and bobbins, selection of paper pantographs. Location: South Austin, TX
  5. 2009 Freedom – $11,000 –12′ table. Includes Power Fabric Advance, Quilt Glide, Base Extender and guide, 15 spools of thread and bobbins, zippers pre-installed on leaders, extra quilt side zipper. Location: Boerne, TX
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