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  1. Good point Joan, I'll be sure to mention the scratch factor to my customer and thank you all for alternative thread suggestions if she decides to 86 the idea. Truly appreciated. I did speak with the very helpful and pleasant Pat from Superior yesterday and she assured me their metallics would hold up just fine in the washer. She also pointed out they haven't had any complaints about the metallics not holding up after being washed. Again thank you all!
  2. A customer asked me a great question today and I figure someone here would know the answer because I sure don't! How does metallic thread hold up in the washing machine? She wants me to use it on a bed quilt that will be laundered. TIA! Carrie
  3. I found it! Thank you Cheryl for the name of the pattern. It wasn't the one I was looking for but it prompted me to search for "Celestial" instead of sun, moon etc. and I found it in the Kim Darwin Collection "Celestial Stitches". Thanks again Cheryl!
  4. Does anyone know of a pantograph that has a full sun face and a profile moon face? With some swirls or stars? I saw it on a quilt a while ago and don't know the name or designer, although I do know it is not Linda Taylor's. It's simpler than that one. As always, any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA, Carrie
  5. Great idea Peglu! I have one of those tables and now I have an ultimate light box too!
  6. Thanks everyone. If kind words were dye removal, my quilt would be pristine!
  7. This is my first attempt at posting a picture. I used Doodlebug's instruction that were crystal clear, by the way. (Thanks Doodlebug!) Hope it works!
  8. I just got my quilt back from MQS and I am impressed! It came back in a nifty cloth bag with a USB stick. It took me a while to figure out what the stick was for, but when I did I was blown away. What a fantastic idea! The judges comments were on the stick. Her actual voice! It was like being right in the judging room. She had very nice things to say and if I'm reading the judging sheet correctly, my quilt was held for Honorable Mention. I didn't receive an Honorable Mention, but it was nice to be considered. (Which is better than I thought I did.) My only area of improvement was my pantograph
  9. LOL!! at the Margarita remedy! If only they could bottle it...oh wait a minute they have! Although your fingers look mighty bad. Get well soon.
  10. My neighbor helped me set up a website through Wordpress. I can't remember how much it cost so it couldn't have been that much. After the initial set up, I can edit, add stuff etc. on my own. And I like the way it looks for the price. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple. My neighbor did say I could eventually put in a shop etc. but I'm not there yet!
  11. I just ran across this thread, and feel compelled to toss in my two cents. I am so sorry this happened to you Cheryl. There has been two times in my quilting career (both times in classes) that a quilter has ran down the person who quilted their quilt for them. One of these people even went so far as to say the long armer "ruined her masterpiece" in front of a class full of strangers. When I asked both of these women what the long armer said when they talked to them about their dissatisfaction, BOTH of them said they never discussed it with the long armer. And when I asked them why not? they h
  12. LOL! I too have fallen asleep doing a panto. Just like yours Hitomi it was big, boring and very early in the morning. May I suggest caffeinated beverages and an ipod loaded with books and podcasts? One of my favorite podcasts is "Craftypod". You can download it for free from Itunes. Very interesting and eye opening if you'll pardon the pun.