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  1. I was searching the forums on this because I have the very same question. I have a 2013 Lucey. Is the foot I have on it the closed foot you are talking about? Honestly I didn't know there were different ones. So, do I need to manually file off the bump on the back? I could never figure out how people could use something like a circle ruler because it hits on the back and moves the ruler. Thanks for the info! Jess
  2. Thank you, Jim! That was exactly what I needed written out. Turns out I was doing it right, and I can't really explain it but a little more tinkering and re-threading and I got it going again. The bobbin was definitely not wound too loose. Not spongy at all. Madelyn, I currently have it threaded through 2 of the 3 holes, wrapped around. But if I run into trouble again I will try weaving it. Thanks! Jess
  3. Thank you Angela. That's how I have it done and I was able to get it to work nicely for a bit before calling it a night. I do my tension by feel like that and I did discover I have to do it before I put the thread in the pigtail or it just falls out. I might try going just a smidge looser on the bobbin tension. Glad to hear someone else uses Aurifil with success. Seems like very few use cotton but I love it. Jessica
  4. Lyn- I have a Lucey. Not totally sure I get the u-turn. When I pull on the bobbin thread should the bobbin be turning clockwise or counterclockwise? Pretty sure I've done it both ways and had success and failure with both. And now I've re-done it so many times I totally forget what way I had it when it was working well. Thanks. Jessica
  5. Hi all. So I'm a newbie and it was going smoothly until tonight. I'm having thread breakage issues. I'm using Aurifil 50wt. I did some sample pieces and a whole quilt with it and really had almost no problems, so I know my machine can handle it. But I have a new quilt loaded so I wound bobbins with my new bobbin winder (the Gammil one which is 10 million times better than the sidewinder my instructor gave me because I still don't have the one that was supposed to come with my machine) which is certainly a variable. I think maybe they're wound a bit tighter but I have the winder ten
  6. Hi all. Just wanted to pop in with an update. If you had asked me yesterday I would have said everything was going SO smoothly. I did several practice pieces and my first actual quilt top before Xmas. I love it! I have been using the Aurifil 50wt thread and have had no problems. Sure it's a bit linty but if I clean out every so often, no problem. I haven't been bothered by the maintenance. I thought I had the knack for cleaning out the lint and oiling etc. For a little bit I had some thread breakage, but simply decreasing the tension was all it took. The whole quilt I did freehand
  7. Hi all. So as I anxiously await my new Lucey (all paid up but no date yet), I'm working on getting my space all set. Can anyone tell me more specifics on the size and space around it needed? APQS lists the footprint at 5'x12; (getting a 12' frame). I've heard 2 ft all around. Do I really need access/space to move at both ends? Can one be near a wall and the other be where I walk around? 2ft seems small to actually stand in, is that really just talking about clearance for the machine moving back? Do I need to plan much more than that? and while we're at it, what's the maximum q
  8. Awesome job! I'm a modern quilter myself so you won't be seeing any feathers on my quilts as I start to use a longarm. Thanks for sharing some nice inspiration! Jess
  9. These are awesome answers, guys! thank you. Part of why I got an APQS was that this kind of support is out there. I guess it's mostly a matter of getting in the habit of cleaning things out. I will get an air compressor. And it's looking like I'll need a different bobbin winder too. I know there are different weights of Aurifil, but I do like the thinner since I usually don't want the quilting to stand out as much. I'm a piecer at heart and that's what I want to be the most prominent. I assume I'm going to get maintenance instructions with my machine, right? Like on the DVD
  10. Hi Everyone. I just ordered a Lucey! As you can imagine I'm super excited. But now, as I wait, buyer's remorse sets in...well not remorse, but worry. My background is I'm a very confident quilter, published author, pattern designer etc. I've been quilting for more than 20 years and I've quilted most of my quilts on my DSM. I know and love my DSM very well. I have a Viking and I almost never have any trouble. Might have to tweak the tension once in a while but other than that it's a work horse. I've had it 9 years and had it serviced only once. And I'm embarrassed to say I'm ter
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