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  1. Welcome from Louisiana!. I know you are sooo excited and it''s hard to wait until your Lenni arrives at your house. You have many hours of fun ahead of you!. Congrats to you and welcome to the APQS family! I do not post much, but I am on this site alot and constantly learning from all the fantastic quilters of our APQS family.
  2. That is truly Gorjuss...(pun intended) I love the Gorjuss fabric line and your quilting is perfect. She is going to love this quilt. Great Job!
  3. Wow, Great job! Congrats to both of you. Proud for you!
  4. I like this quilt! He will love it, You did a great job!
  5. Great job!. I have been wanting to do an illusion quilt ever since I watched Jenny do one. Love the fabric you used. .
  6. Oh my, what eye candy!! Kudos to both of you for such a stunning job!
  7. Welcome to the APQS family and forums. Congrats on the Lenni!
  8. Oma, I too tend to not favor "squarish" quilts, but I like this quilt and think it looks great. I also have embroidery machine and use some of my embroidery pieces in my quilts. This is not always an easy feat, as the two type of mediums have to "mesh" well to work. I think you accomplished this. I agree with sewingpup - your strips serve as the balloon streamers! Ginger
  9. I so like this quilt! Job well done from the color choices, the piecing and the quilting.
  10. You did a great job. The quilting really made the quilt pop.
  11. Such a beautiful quilt. You nailed it, both with the quilting and the photo. Love it!
  12. I absolutely love this quilt! Congratulations! You rock with this one!!
  13. I really like it. It is going to be so special to her.
  14. Kaye

    Sampler qui;t

    Beautiful eye candy!