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  1. Thanks Rita. I'm finally getting around to clearing out things that I no longer need. I figure even a tiny bit at a time is better than none.
  2. Back issues of Machine Quilting Unlimited. 2010 and 2011. 12 issues total. $75 plus shipping.
  3. Selling for $70 + shipping. All one lot. 11" Spring Fling - Nichole Webb 9" Bottoms Up - Nichole Webb 14" Feather / Strippy Bar - Kathie James 12" Fuschia - Keryn Emmerson 15" Feathered Rose Collection 1 - Linda's Electric Quilters 5 3/8" Feathered Rose Collection 1 Border - Linda's Electric Quilters 10" Windy Day - Lorien Quilting 10.5" Whirlygig Lg - Willow Leaf Studio 4.5" Leaf & Scroll - Golden Threads 7" Double Plume - Golden Threads 10" Silly Snowmen Whole Cloth - MeadowLyon Deigns
  4. I have a poles that came in two pieces. They are now sagging and I would like to replace them. What's my options on this? Does APQS have poles that would fit or do I need to go by a hardware store and make my own. I don't want to get the same poles I had before.
  5. I love my magnet. It sticks to the front of the needle so you never have to worry about putting it in backwards. My machine stitches better when it's at a slight angle. This ensures that I get it at that angle each time.
  6. Needle Magnet My I suggest this product so you don't put the needle in backwards anymore. I'm not afiliated, just a happy customer.
  7. Ok, so the end of the power supply is where the lighter end goes into. Got it! Thanks.
  8. Has anyone got the parts and hooked theirs up? I'm a bit lost on the power for the monitor. The list Bonnie sent has a link to a cigarette lighter adapter from Radio Shack. Unless I've missed it, I'm pretty sure my LA doesn't have this option.
  9. I have no idea how LAers do that much in a day. I even have an IQ and can't do that much. The physical strain on my body would make me feel like it's breaking in two. My hats off to anyone who can do it!
  10. Hi Jacque! I have a Discovery too. I know what you mean by not having any issues and easy to correct if there is one. I've thought about upgrading many a time but just can't give her up! She takes anything I throw at her in stride. Maybe I'll just have to have two machines someday. Just last May I did add Intellistitch and Intelliquilter. Zoltan changed out the carriage and now I have Edgerider wheels. What a difference. I have what they call the Lenni breakdown table. Not sure if he would be able to do that to yours or not. Might be worth asking him about.
  11. I put the post in Google translate and got this: It recently started to quilt (have sewn for many years, most clothing and stuff) and am interested in just long arm quilting with computer control. My question is if anyone knows any good machine for home use and eventually maybe for sale. It looks so beautiful when you can sew different patterns of quiltarna. I've tried looking around the net on different machines but it is difficult to find a good site for just such machines.
  12. How often do your guild officers meet? Not sure. I just joined in Aug. How often does your whole guild meet? monthly At each guild meeting is there a program or is it more relaxed? We have programs set. I am on the program committee for this year. We talked at the December meeting, then met in January to finalize the programs for the year. How many active members does your guild have? 25-40 at each meeting. Overall membership is probably around 60. What are the best things about your guild and what are the things you'd want to change? Best - The charity work. We make quilts for the NICU. It's wonderful to see all the quilts at show and tell and to hear the thank you notes. I've also heard horror stories about guilds being a clique but I've been welcomed with open arms. I did't know a soul when I started and was afraid to join. I'm glad I didn't chicken out. Change - While dues are very cheap ($15 year) there isn't any money for programs ($500 per year allocated). It would be nice to bring in some teacher from outside instead of always having members teach stuff they've only done a few times.
  13. Debi, can you share how you have the monitor mounted with the IQ on your machine, please? TIA
  14. I was just wondering is all. I've added I/S and IQ to mine. I sometimes wish for a bigger machine but it makes me sad to think about selling her off.
  15. I'm just sitting here wondering who else has an APQS Discovery. I know I've seen one avatar pic of someone with one. I just don't see any in the signatures. I wonder how many were actually built. I never see them for sale either.
  16. Also if you could share where the monitor is mounted pretty please. I can only picture it behind the IQ tablet. I'm not sure I will like it there. Thanks!
  17. I would LOVE to see a pic of how it's mounted with an IQ.
  18. Lucy, thanks for the email. I really do appreciate the assistance. I don't have a Blissed table. I did happen to think it's been a bit colder and my machine can be a bit 'cold blooded'. I had I/S added this past May. Once warmed up, it no longer is catching. I also want to say that this is the first time I've done anything 'major' to my machine. I've been scared silly avoiding anything with timing. It really was not nearly as bad as I had pictured in my mind.
  19. Linda, moving the finger back a bit more helped alot. It is still not fully releasing the thread. If I rotate by hand just a smidge more, it does release it fully. I'm wondering if it still isn't perfectly timed. But gosh those stitches look nice.
  20. Double checked the needle. It's fully seated and in right. Now that I think about it, it had to be for me to time it.
  21. I finally got to changing the assembly and retiming. It went smoother than I thought it would. Only one issue. When doing the one stitch, it doesn't stop at the right spot and the thread is caught and won't come back up with the bobbin thread. Once I rotate back and forth by hand, it will let go of the thread. Stitching looks great. Any ideas?