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  1. Now why would I want to stress out a week before Christmas? You know how these machines can sense your desperation. I\'ve changed needles, bobbin case, rethreaded, tensioned etc. and I\'m still breaking thread and fraying. I can only do what I can do. Customers will have to understand (easier said than done). cw
  2. Well, I've managed to jam up the bobbin case, the rotation is off so the needle and bobbin are not in sync. I have a new quilt on the frame and 4 behind it. Oddly, I'm not panicing. I figure that Tech support will tell me a very simple solution and I will get back on track tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have to cut and sew on a binding. Cold, windy and finally some long needed precipitation in GA. Cynthia
  3. This has happened to me a bunch of times, as well as students (they buy a pattern and say "it just doesn't make sense"). The books (thousands?) and patterns (hundreds) get printed and distributed, and how do you contact, or correct all of them? The shops don't know, the buyers/quilters don't know. Sadly it does happen, but hopefully not too frequently! Cynthia
  4. My customers are "basic-get-it-quilted" customers. They don't want to pay for fancy quilting, since 100% of them do this for pleasure and not for show. I'm fortunate to have customers say "do whatever" and they know that I will keep their budget to heart. HOWEVER, with the customers that give me the freedom to come up with anything, I do take the opportunity to "stretch" and try something new. So the last quilt (house blocks alternating with old-maid's puzzle blocks was one I got to play on) was "custom" but priced at the dense panto price. My customer (over 70) was thrilled to death (she
  5. I teach a quilting class for new "megaquilter owners". Don't let the name throw you, it's not that MEGA. I take my first PPP piece from when I first got my Liberty. And I take a more current "custom" quilt. I want people to know how I looked when I started. I almost cried thinking I'd spent so much money and it was SOOOO bad. There is only one way to go, and that's up! Thank goodness for that! cynthia
  6. Update: Threw away the spool of thread. New one seems to work fine. Also, I took one of my really expensive (sic) business cards, folded it in half and taped it over the handwheel. My husband said he could come up with a better solution, I said "yeah, but not cheaper!". Thanks everyone! cynthia
  7. Ultimately one of the problems that occurred is a huge pile of thread being sucked into the handwheel. Geez Louise, I'm telling you I watch very carefully for thread movement when working from the back of the machine and when I realized I wasn't "sewing" I stopped (maybe a 3x3" area). There was SO MUCH THREAD sucked up, we had to open my Millie up, and cut a huge WAD of stuff out of her... I need a flywheel cover.... Cynthia
  8. ACK!!! I'm having major thread breakage! Yes it's varigated but I've quilted 60" incheto the quilt already! I've put in new needle, new bobbin, rethreaded, checked tensions. Batik on top and bottom, Quilters Dream Request in the middle.... HELP it's been 3 days of torture! Cynthia
  9. Did I make that clear? Jeez, sometimes I'm just at a loss for words... cynthia
  10. I'm having a problem with bobbin winding on my Millie. the bobbin just spins around and I cannot get it to load thread. Yes I'm securing the end of the thread and it winds about 1/4 of the way, but the actual bobbin is spinning and won't grab the spindle. cynthia
  11. Please let us know if we can mail Daniel and cards and wish him well. He should know that everyone has their limitations, but that many people live long happy lives with any disabilities. God has given us all the strength of will and spirit to survive many shortcomings. The body and chemistry can be pretty scarey when you're a kid, but as long as he knows he can adapt and be a "normal" kid, he's going to be fine. He'll have some limitations, for sure, but he needs to know that HE is in control. He should never feel helpless.
  12. What a great offer! I try to maintain relationships with our shops, but honestly I'm busy quilting and not so much shopping. I just can't afford to shop every quilt shop in hopes that I will "make" a new friend. Most of the time, they are very polite when I'm in the store, but they already have a favorite quilter. "Oh, Sue has a 6 month wait!!!" Well that's great for Sue but how about recommending another quilter so your customers won't have to wait 9 months for Sue to finish her backlog???? I've been quilting fast and furious, so now I see the light at the end of the tunnel (about 2 we
  13. Does anyone know if Myrna has any classes coming up? cynthia
  14. I have a great site you can check out for great prices on fabrics... www.someartfabric.com Occasionally she sells on ebay, too, under seller SOMEARTFABRIC Her prices are hard to beat and she only carries shop quality fabrics. cynthia
  15. Also, check your bobbin. You may have to toss out the one and put in a fresh one. make sure that the tension is correct "drop test" or use your tension guide cw
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