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  1. Hi- I am near Binghamton NY. You are welcome to come and try it out anytime. Regards, J
  2. For Sale: Innova 22inch Long Arm Quilting machine - purchased 2013. Includes; Overhead Lights (Delola Jones installed), lightening stitch, needles, red snappers, quilting rulers, groovy boards (spiral and free hand), flower kit, and many pantographs. Located in Upstate NY. Pick up only. Please inquire about pricing. Pictures upon request.
  3. Hi- I have a 22inch Innova machine on a 10ft frame. Very lightly used. Bought it last year, and I am just not using it enough. It comes with extras such as WONDERFUL lights, pantos, and some thread. I live in NY and am looking to sell it before the end of the summer. Will consider reasonable offers. JC
  4. Hi- I just wanted to give a shout out to Dave Jones' and his awesome lighting system. This is probably the BEST purchase I have made in a while! He came and set them up at my house last night, and not kidding, it was like the heaven's opened up and I COULD SEE!! THEY ARE AMAZING and I HIGHLY recommend anyone thinking about adding lights/light bar to their existing set up to take a look at his! For one, they are much more reasonably price and two, the design concept rocks! I love the ability to swivel the lights and turn them as needed. Again, THEY FREAKING ROCK!! JC
  5. Hi- I just removed a quilt from my frame and noticed that there is a small pucker at the end of the quilt in the border. Its bugging the heck out of I 1- just freaking leave it and move on because its going on the bed and to be honest, you can't really see it?? or 2- try to place it back on the frame, rip it out and some how get it to flatten out?? Can you tell the OCD in me is taking over?! HELP! JC
  6. Hi All- I have a quick question about tension - well QUESTIONS! HA! If the bobbin thread is lying on top of the fabric, that means that the top is too loose..right? If the bobbin thread is pulling through top, that means the top is too tight..right?? Do I adjust bobbin casing at all or leave that alone and work with the top first? I noticed I had little pokies on bottom and also in some spots I could see thread just lying on top of fabric. Thanks for your help! JC
  7. Hi- Just thinking and wondering how most of you started ad became successful in this business? Did you start small and grow? Did you jump in with two feet? I realize we all have different stories, but would love to hear them. JC
  8. Hi- I'm thinking about purchasing this machine, but I want to know if anyone on this board has one? If yes, could you write a short review on it? I visited the dealer, will be trading in my straight stitch machine and then paying for the rest. I've never had a "high end" machine, and maybe its too much machine for me?? but I really did enjoy sewing on it the other day. Thanks, JC
  9. Does anyone have a picture of what it should look like in the corner of a border when using beadboard? I want to do this on a quilt I am about to add to the frame. I assume I need to mark the spacing out I start from the middle and work my way out, or do I just mark the spacing left to right? Thanks, JC
  10. Hi- I want to use a pantograph in the middle of a quilt and would like to use beadboard or something different in the border. How do I go about doing this? Do I first do the top/side borders and then quilt the panto in the center, advance quilt as normal and repeat?
  11. Hi- I do not have an APQS machine, but I am still going to ask my question anyways. When using my machine, I rarely make it through a twin sized quilt without at least ONE thread break on the that normal?? I ask because I am wondering if my top tension is too tight?? What should it feel like when pulling on the top thread?? Ironically, even with the random breaks, the tension is BEAUTIFUL on top and bottom..nice, even stitches with knot in the pokies on curves etc. Curious..if anyone has any videos..shoot me in that direction!! JC
  12. Hi- Could you possibly post the link to the placemats? Would love to see how you made them. Also, what is the purpose of NOT using any backing fabric, just batting and the placemat top?? Curious! Thanks! JC
  13. Hi- I am on a placemat kick and while I don't mind sewing them on a domestic, I would LOVE to use my LA..but how do I go about doing this?? Anyone have any tips or tricks to use? I thought it would make it easier and quicker, but since the pieces are so small, do you spray baste them down onto the batting, pin etc?? Thanks, JC