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  1. Tellabella

    Paper Pantos for Sale= SOLD!

    I tried to use the email you gave but it tells me email is not valid... i am interested in some pantos not all as I have many of them already...let me know if you are breaking them up... Tella at (@)
  2. Tellabella


    I don't know the name of the pattern...I can find out... or how much the tickets is not until November and I did not pick up tickets at the last meeting...
  3. Here is the latest quilt I just completed for one of the guilds I belong to...the quilt will be raffled off at our November quilt show so I decided to do some custom quilting to really make it pop...It includes lots of ruler work, ditch work, a bit of curved ruler work with pebbles and ribbon the solid areas and feathers in the remaining areas...I love the way it turned out and hopefully it will help sell some raffle tickets for our charity...
  4. Tellabella

    Finished customer quilt finally.

    Love the combo of straight lines and feathers...looks great!
  5. Tellabella


    It is absolutely beautiful with exquisite quilting? What issue of McCalls has the pattern?
  6. How exciting! Very talented...what an honour...
  7. Tellabella

    My Accomplished Quilting :)

    I love the quilt...Gorgeous design and nice panto choice...LUCEY did a great job...
  8. Tellabella

    Slow blow FUSE FOR LUCEY

    Thanks Cagey, I put the 2 amp in there...the one I removed was 3.15...but what got me confused was why did I have 4 packages of 2amp...and Dawn does say 2 amp...??? I rechecked the doesn't mention Lucey..and it is a bit unclear...not sure about the sentence right after United Stated...(missing punctuation....a period ) does that sentence refer to LUCEY? My dear LUCEY is not mentioned, only Lenni...
  9. Hello, My LUCEY blew another fuse today...I checked the manual ...which says for LUCEY you need 3.15 or 4 amp 250 volt....but when I checked my stash (I had purchased extras last time this happened)...I realized they are all 2 amp?? Not 3.15... Then I checked the thread I started when I his happened in 2013 and see that Dawn said it should be 2 amp...I put in a 2 amp...but want to be sure it won't cause any damage... if anyone can clarify ...I would appreciate it before I buy 3.15 amp as I went to the Toronto...and they don't carry 3.15 any more...none at Canadian I will order online if needed... thanks, tella
  10. Tellabella

    What needle?? PROBLEM SOLVED!!

    Not sure...did you solve the problem?
  11. Love the picture...the machine is adorable..too bad you don't have it anymore...
  12. Tellabella

    Love pink and brown quilts

    Beautifil feathers..lovely quilting
  13. Tellabella

    Perparing a backing

    I have read some charge per seam when backing needs to be pieced together...$10 per seam....
  14. Tellabella


    I spent the day at Quilt Canada today and stopped in at the APQS booth where I brought this issue up with Matt Sparrow....who tells me it is perfectly normal for the line to be off ...and as you advance the quilt the fabric shrinks in a bit...and the panto will be off...I understand what he was saying and it makes sense but mine always shifts more to one side than the other...
  15. Tellabella


    Thank you again...I have seen Kim Brunner method of straightening out the leaders...on occasion, I have pinned my 2 canvasses together, rolled and re rolled and even left them overnight...they never really were that least I thought...since my machine is from 2012 and for the first couple years wasn't used hard at all... The only part I didn't see the need for was the pressing and restitching a new hem but I may have to go thru the process again and really check it... Like Heidi I am only having this problem on really big quilts...but I want it to go away... Mamaahma, so glad this post inspired you to fix the problem...your post helped me out to...I saved the instructions again and will do another diagnostic soon...